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Creflo Dollar — The Philosophy of Grace

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Everyone has a philosophy, and each philosophy brings forth fruit, whether good or bad. Because we live in the world, it is impossible to avoid contact with the many philosophies that are popular today.

However, we must examine the origins of each of these ideas and values, and pay attention to where these beliefs came from. The values and beliefs we accept will ultimately control how we respond to situations, whether it is a right or wrong response. As Christians, we need a philosophy modeled after Jesus.

The philosophies that we hold are basically a set of opinions and values affecting how we view everything in life. Because we live in the world, we are constantly being bombarded with the world’s philosophies. However, as Christians, our philosophy should come from God’s Word.

If not, we are at risk of constantly being swayed in one direction or another, according to popular opinion. We must get our information directly from the Bible, not the world.
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