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Creflo Dollar — The Grace Gift of Tongues

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Speaking in tongues while praying is a grace gift from God, but many people are not using this gift as they should. There are two guidelines to remember as we talk to God through prayer.

When we pray according to the finished works of Jesus, we should not ask God to do something He has already done. When we were born again, we were already healed, delivered, prospered, and forgiven.

What we should pray for is wisdom, enlightenment, and revelation in the power and knowledge of Christ.
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  1. Should your pastor in tongues
    27 December 2017 15:40
    + 0 -
    I have the gift of speaking in tongues but the Pastor and most of members don’t I joined a few years ago never paid it any attention until few months ago I was so filled with speaking in tongues they been looking at me in odd way