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Creflo Dollar — Rise and Fall of Ministry

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God wants us to pray for those in authority because our prayers can play a role in shaping the decisions, policies, and activities of the people who God has placed in a leadership position. Every failure is a prayer failure.

When we don’t pray for those in authority, we set our leaders up to fail. Even as it relates to supplication, we can earnestly and intensely pray for God to get involved with the decisions leaders are going to make so that our churches, and our nation can stay on course with the will and plan of God.

If you haven’t been praying for your leaders, now is the time to start. We are living in times of great stress, crisis, and danger. We need to cover our men and women in positions of leadership and authority with our prayers. In doing so, we ensure that we live peacefully and in safety. As we make leadership a priority during our prayer times, God will honor our obedience in this area. Change is one prayer away!
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