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2021 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar — It's About Trust, Not Money

Creflo Dollar — It's About Trust, Not Money

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We can say that we trust God, but until we trust Him with our money, we are just paying lip service to the idea of trust. The Bible says that if we trust God to take care of us in the little things, we can trust Him to care for us in the big things.

God knows how popular and sought after money is throughout the earth, which is why He specifically tells us not to love it more than Him. Money may seem like a big thinge specifically to us, but it is an extremely tiny thing to Him Who made all creation. Everything is God’s, including money. He knows we need it, and if we trust Him, He will be our provider.

As free moral agents, we can choose to trust God or trust money. The Scriptures teach us to trust Him in all things, including our finances. When we rely on Him for the small things, like money, then we can rely on Him for the big things, like our salvation.

There are stories in the Old Testament and multiple examples in the New Testament of individuals who trusted God, and others who trusted money. We can learn important lessons from these stories and examples.
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