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Creflo Dollar — Exposing the Dark Side

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Looking at the content of today’s media outlets, we can see that the world is accustomed to a steady diet of evil, hate, and violence. The message of the day is usually negative, whether it comes from television, newspapers, or movies. If we’re not careful, we can become fearful, and fall under the misconception that we’re helpless against evil. But when we pick up our Bible and begin reading it deeply, the message that God gives us power over evil jumps off the page at us.

Those of us who’ve been around awhile have most likely seen the things the world offers us, and much of the time, it’s not pretty. Our parents did their best teaching us right from wrong and instilling a moral compass in us, but when we grew up we often saw the exact opposite. The confusion can come when we see the world giving the nod to attitudes and behaviors we’ve been taught all our lives are wrong. Without a strong faith in what we know in our heart is right, life can be discouraging.

The world’s morals and values are constantly changing, and basing our beliefs on them is like trying to walk on quicksand. Looking at marriage, personal relationships, gender identity, money, and everything else important to us, what was not okay yesterday is okay today, but may change again tomorrow. However, biblical teachings on faith as it relates to God’s eternal truths—something the world knows nothing about—can keep us on track.
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