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Creflo Dollar — Everything You Ever Wanted

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Some people drift through life with no clue why they’re even here. You may have witnessed individuals who wonder what comes next after we die, and whether our time here on this planet has any meaning at all.

The world has coined the phrase “Life is not a dress rehearsal,” and although its meaning is secular, this has quite a bit of truth in it. Looking at this phrase through the lens of the Bible brings it into perfect clarity.

When we find ourselves in a bad situation and need help from an outside source, finding someone we can trust is a top priority. Life gives us ample opportunity to exercise our decision-making skills, and sometimes we make a wrong choice that puts us at risk of harm.

Many of us can remember making bad calls because we ignored what God was telling us to do, insisted on doing things our own way, and regretted it later. Our own fears can cause us to resist God, but trusting in what he’s doing in our lives positions us to benefit from his promise of protection.

God not only protects us from the evil we see around us, but he also protects us from ourselves. We’re imperfect beings, and we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to making wise choices. Humans can be amazingly short-sighted. Fortunately, God is ready to intervene in the lives of those willing to trust him.
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