Creflo Dollar — Don't Panic

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Safety and security are concerns that are always on everyone’s mind lately. With the rash of violence reported daily in the media, nerves are on edge and stress levels are high. If we had only ourselves to depend on, we’d be in real trouble. Fortunately, we have God’s promise of perfect protection for those who believe His Word.

One of the biggest challenges to anyone living in a world dominated by fear is preventing it from becoming a debilitating influence. News broadcasts eagerly tell us about the latest “doomsday reports,” refugees fleeing from widespread violence and civil war, and unstable countries flexing their muscles with nuclear warheads.

Some people wonder if the end of the world is at hand, and those who aren’t grounded in what the Bible says about this can panic. But studying God’s Word gives us an eternal perspective, and it’s overwhelmingly good.
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