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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar - Are You Equipped to Pay The Debt of Love? - Part 2

Creflo Dollar - Are You Equipped to Pay The Debt of Love? - Part 2

Creflo Dollar - Are You Equipped to Pay The Debt of Love? - Part 2

The supernatural will be released for those who will realize that they are God's beloved. The supernatural will be released for those who realize that they are God's beloved. Are you listening to what I'm saying to you? That just by realizing that you are God's beloved, the supernatural is going to be released. Now, the supernatural is not some circus act. It's God on your natural situations, turning it around. It's God super on your natural, and stuff that's not supposed to naturally happen, happens. Glory be to God. It could be something so small as, I don't know what to do in the natural, and then the supernatural gets on you, and not only do you know what to do, but you know five different ways of how to do it. Y'all don't hear me, that's what's getting ready to get on you.

That's what's getting ready to get on your house. That's what's getting ready. The more you sense God's love for you, the more you'll notice good things happening in your life. The more you sense God's love for you, the more you begin to notice good things happening in your life. How many of you want to see some good things happening in your life. I believe that you will enjoy the blessing of God, when you realize how much you are loved by God. Look at this, and with most folks, this is too small. We busy talking about the fifth dimension of the anointing, and the third dimension of prayer, it don't take all of that. I'm saying to you, believe the love that God has for you.

Okay, Ephesians 3:14 through 21 in NLT, Ephesians 3:14 through 21. You know I'm just, I'm hammering this in, that's all you gonna... you ain't gonna be thinking about nothing today about, except how much God love you. Uh huh, uh huh. Yeah, this is something getting ready, getting ready to... something happening to you right now. Something's permeating in your soul right now. Glory to God. And you having some flashbacks, you're like, I know God loved me, because look at what happened here, and look at what didn't happen here, and look at what's supposed to happen here. Look what God stopped here and anything good that's ever happened in your life, came from God, hallelujah. It wasn't by your works, it wasn't by your manipulation of circumstances and situations, all good and perfect gift comes from the Father, which is above, so you can go back and count the blessing, count the goodness, that was God trying to get you to recognize, you are my beloved. I love you, praise God.

Watch this now, 14 through 21. He says, "When I think of all this, I fall to my knees and I pray to the Father, the Creator of everything in heaven and on earth. I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources," you can't tap God out. You can't tap God out, God is love, and you can't tap him out. "I pray that from his glorious, unlimited resources he will empower you. He will empower you with inner strength through his Spirit". All right, so the Holy Spirit, you know what he came to do, "Then Christ will make his home in your hearts..."

I don't think you understand, see God is love. Holy Spirit poured love in your heart, then love came and decided to make his home in your heart. You got supernatural love all on the inside of you, right? "Then Christ will make his home in your heart as you trust him," see there it is, I got to trust that, see. He says, "Your roots now will grow down into God's love," and in God's love, rooted in his love, he'll keep you strong. "And may you have the power to understand, as all God's people should, how wide, and how long, and how high, and how deep is his love". Oh, glory to God. "May you experience," now this is the thing that we lack. We wanna goo goo ga ga with this love, we wanna have an emotional kind of time with this love. But he says, "May you experience the love of Christ".

See, I'm talking about what's getting ready to happen, what's getting ready to come up next, you want to know what's next on the prophetic schedule? I ain't talking about all the doom and gloom, and when the Antichrist coming, and when the rapture coming, no, no, here's what's next gonna happen: An experience of God's love. You're about to experience this love that's so high, and so deep, and so wide, and you're getting rooted in this love, and the devil wants to stop your roots from getting in this love, because if your roots get into this love, there will be an experience that will come from being in this love. "May you experience the love of God, though it is too great to understand fully".

I'm telling you just what I know today, but it is too great to be described in this teaching. The essence of the purity of the love of God has never been experienced. God is love, the pureness and the essence of his love by itself melts away whatever is wrong. That's why you gotta be careful who you don't believe ought to go to heaven, because if they believe in Jesus, as soon as they enter into that realm, all that other stuff can't survive in the presence of the pure essence of God, who doesn't have love, but God who is it. He is the essence of it. We have put it down to just an emotional feeling, but it is not an emotional feeling. He wants you to feel love that you don't quite fully understand, but the love is not a feeling, it is the...

Now you gotta ask God what I just said. He said, "Then you will be made complete with all the fullness of life and power that comes from God". Keep going, "Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us". What is he talking about? What is the mighty power? See, we still ain't convinced, because we still seeing it as goo goo ga ga. We're still seeing it as an emotion. I love you, no you feel like you love him. But when the real essence of love comes up, you ain't never leaving nobody. But your feelings get hurt, you define that as love. Love is not how you feel, love is loving the guy that hates you, loving the guy that just tried to kill you, loving the guy that killed you.

What do you think Paul's gonna do, Paul killed people and sent them to heaven, and it doesn't matter, because when he gets there, knowing what he just found out right here. The shame will melt away in the presence of the very essence of God's love, which we humans will never fully understand. But I know it ain't this stuff we got in church. The love we got in church is a Rick James type of love, love them and leave them. "Through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more then we ask or think. Glory to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and ever! Amen". I hope you caught what he said. Just by being conscious of God's love, you get full of God.

Verse 20, just by being conscious of God's love for you, you get full of God. Just by having a consciousness that I am his beloved. Just by having a conscious of God's love, you get full of God. How can it be that every day, there is a working awareness in my conscious thinking that God loves me, and I get full of God. I get full of God. God loves me, when a rent need to be paid. God loves me, when you just got your heart broken. God loves me, when you just lost your job. God loved me, when you don't have enough money. God loves me. He said... see all that other stuff is trying to occupy that place. Just by being conscious of God's love for you, you get full of God. That's powerful, that's so powerful.

Romans 5 and 5 in the King James, flip over there just for a moment. Romans 5 and 5 watch this. Oh "World Changers," the shift is here, the rain is here, we finna gonna go now, we finna go. "And hope maketh not ashamed," why? "Because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Ghost which is given to us". Hope does not make ashamed. Why? In other words, hope doesn't disappoint. You have a hope for something and you were disappointed, hope does not disappoint, because when you have the love of God, whatever you hope for will come to pass. You have the love of God, he is describing to you supernatural ability, based on having the power of love. Hope won't disappoint, because you have the love of God. I'm healed, how can you say that, because God loves me. I'm gonna be all right, how can you say that, because God loves me. Hope won't disappoint.

Your hope, plus the love of God for you, equals great victory and success. Your hope, plus the love of God for you, the love of God, you believe God loves you, your hope, plus the love of God, equals great victory and success. I just gave you a formula, write it down, at least try it. At least try it, I'm not just saying it, I'm saying it, I put it in a formula, so at least try it, at least go home and say, my hope, plus I believe God loves me, equals great victory and success. It's time to know it.

This is not love sermon because we're at church and it ought to be about love, because you and I both know that church as a whole doesn't appear to be about love, you get more hate and stuff from folk called saved people. That's not the norm, it should be, but that's not the norm. Most church folks don't know the norm, the concentration should be love, and it's not because we don't know what it is. Because love is not it, he's a person, he's God, and we don't know God, because we don't know love. And the Bible says, if you're not loving your neighbors, you don't know God, you don't know God. You know some scripture, you know about how to argue about the scripture, who right and wrong, and send folks to hell if they teach a doctrine you don't understand, but we don't know no love.

How do you know? Because I can look at your powerless, weak life. Let me back up, sweet, I'm about ready to go, they're like, no, you don't. No, you don't. I am so just freaked out over the number of leaders and pastors who love hating and slandering and condemning. The worst day you ever had, as if they ain't never had a bad day, everybody got a bad day somewhere. Romans 8:37 says something, trouble is not gonna go away because you're conscious of God's love. You're gonna just be full of power to overcome it, but it ain't going away. But at least you can know that you could have something on the inside of you to overcome whatever hell come your way. Hallelujah, that you got a hammer for hell-situation.

Look at verse 37, King James. "Nay, in all these things," how many y'all got these things that happen in your life, these things, "In all these things we are more than conquerors". All right now, so the first thing he says is here, so there will be trouble, but you will conquer the trouble. At this point, a lot of people like to get into self-preservation, you will conquer the trouble, you're not looking at what you can do with the trouble, you ain't look at you, it's still coming, and sometimes the trouble gonna beat your brains in. Look, you gotta finish reading the rest of the scripture. You will conquer it, how, "Through him that loved us". Trouble comes, Father, I know you love me, and then you keep walking. Lord, I know you love me.

See everything that Satan does is to destroy that sense of God's love in you. That sense that you're the beloved, everything, think about all the stuff the devil does. It is to destroy that sense that you are God's beloved. You got some pain, that that's there because he wants you to eventually say, well, if God loved me, you got a bill that's due you, you're hurt, you did... everything Satan does is to destroy that sense that God loves you. This came right down to the nitty gritty. I don't care, pick it out, pick out something that he done did for you. Ultimately, it is to get you to question the love of God for you. That's what He wants, that's what he wants.

Once you figure this thing out, you will see, you know, even when Jesus was baptized in the water by John the baptist, and the boys from heaven said, this is my beloved Son in whom I am pleased. Satan rejected it so much that in the next chapter and verse, he was led into the wilderness by the Holy Ghost, and the Satan says, if you be the son of God, he left the beloved out. I don't mind if you call yourself the son of God, but I ain't calling you beloved, but you are his beloved, every action, everything Satan does. Do you understand what this does to his operation, for those of you who will receive this teaching? Do you understand what it does to his operation, that you're looking at him, like I know you did this because you're gonna try, you're trying to get me to question God's love for me, I'm not questioning it.

He loves me, he loves me with an everlasting unending, awesome, passionate love. I'm the apple of his eye, when stuff goes wrong, you ought to start preaching love out your mouth, you ought to go to some stall somewhere and say God loves me with an almighty, awesome, everlasting, anointed, powerful, endless love. He can't stop loving me. He decided to love me before I even got here. Don't you dare come trying to tell me to question what I already know, my God loves me emphatically, He loves me, you preach love, and there'll be a power to conquer the trouble. No, we thought Satan, Satan's trying to destroy my faith. No, no, no, no, no, it's, I... go to Galatians 5 and 6. He's trying to... he's after you believing that you're beloved. That's what he's after. You believing you were loved.

Nothing you can say to me, to tell me, God don't love me. Oh, yes he does. No, I don't, yes, he does. No, I don't, yes he does, yes he does, yes he does, yes he does. "For in Jesus Christ, neither circumcision availeth anything, nor uncircumcision; but faith worketh," watch this, "by love". So the attack is not to destroy your faith, the attack is try to destroy the thing that makes your faith work. Your faith ain't working because you don't believe God loves you.

See, we spend some time, I love God, don't you love God, we love God. No, no, no, because I'm telling you, you don't even do that unless you believe God loves you. Faith worketh by believing the love. Faith worketh because you believe God loves you. Oh Jesus, Oh God, I believe what you said in your word by your stripes I'm healed. I believe it, Lord, because I know you love me. Oh God, I believe you'll supply all of my needs, according to your riches and glory, I believe it because I know you love me. I believe Lord that I'm gonna get a job to take care of my family. Oh God, I thank you for it because I know you love me. I believe God that I'm protecting my wife, my children are protecting, Lord. And I thank you for your divine protection in the name of Jesus, because I know you love me. I ain't got to say that 500 times. I just need to know that God loves me and because he loves me, I have what I say.
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