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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Creflo Dollar » Creflo Dollar - Jesus: The Example of True Manhood

Creflo Dollar - Jesus: The Example of True Manhood

Creflo Dollar - Jesus, The Example of True Manhood
TOPICS: Manhood

What God is saying when he calls you "head," he is saying you are the source where nourishment flows from. So, the question is, well, where am I nourished from? What was the atmosphere you were created from? And God spoke man into existence and man became a living soul. Your nourishment comes from God, who is love. Your wife's nourishment comes from you, you are the source of love, the fountain that love flows from, from God to you, nourishing you. Ah, we see the problem, right? Oh, we see the problem, right? We're trying to be men without connecting to the atmosphere and the source that made us.

You see where all of our toxicity comes from? You see where everything's coming from. We have been taught by this world that there... manhood is not focusing on the fact that we need to be connected to the atmosphere that we came from. If anybody need to be at church, if anybody need to understand the Word, if anybody need to understand grace, if anybody need to be at home coming, if anybody ought to be praying to God and listen if somebody told you, "Well, if you ain't praying an hour, you know you ain't praying, right," forget all that. God is not counting minutes. He just wants a daily devotion from you that says, "I acknowledge you today God, need you today, love you, gotta have you. I trust you, I depend on you in Jesus's name," and go to work. And while you're there, you gonna find yourself talking to him.

"Now Lord, you got to help me 'cause if you talk to me like that one more time". And the Lord'll say, "Calm down, babe. Calm down. Calm down. I got you. I got you". And then he'll say, "Remember you filled with the Holy Ghost? I know in your mind you can't think of nothing to say. Come on. Come on". And then you find yourself in playing that same tongue. "Rebbe, rebbe, rebbe". God said, "We got more words than, 'Rebbe, rebbe, rebbe.'" Why won't we recognize this? You would choose an inspirational coach to coach you out of your authentic you and convince you to take a cheap copy. And you keep comparing yourself, when Jesus said it's not good to compare, because when you compare yourself you lose the authentic you, trying to be something that you compare yourself with.

Do you know what we could accomplish in the marketplace if every man was committed to his connection with his source? And that we can be trustworthy, so that being vulnerable is not such a risky affair. And then one guy who has a godly idea finds the other guy who's got another godly idea and they form a corporation and they begin to go and invade the marketplace, possessing the millions and the billions to do what need to be done. But now we can't do that, because we have declared a Declaration of Independence from God instead of declaring a Declaration of Dependence on God and we won't connect with him.

So, the wisdom and all the stuff he wants to get to the authentic you, is hidden under a cover and you trying to get God to talk to that fake person you've manufactured and he not gonna play that game with you. How long does this continue where we avoid the connection? How many more days and months and years do we lose trying to depend on ourselves and our intellect when the Creator, and the one who is creative and innovative, wired you a certain way and has the specific plan and software and input for the wiring? But you don't get it because you refuse to connect and you follow a toxic man down the road of despair. And then when you start getting older, you ask yourself, try to wonder why? And I'm telling you why; you are not as smart as your manufactured-self keeps trying to tell you. You need God.

In order for your manhood to work properly, you need God, he is your battery, he is your power, he is your currency. And you keep refusing him, you keep figuring out more and more excuses to not live a life connected with God, and your excuses have become nails used to build houses of failure. So, what do you do? Do you continue in the path of toxicity? Your wife shouldn't be the one talking to your kids about Jesus, you were created in that atmosphere. If anybody gonna tap into an anointing and tap into revelation and tap into stuff that they can't even find written in the Bible, it's in you, you came out of the very source. It's almost like, it's like you're born out of a God-class. It's in there by intuition.

You know how when you're born from your father, there's certain characteristics of your father that you have, you pick up? You have it, you got it legally? It's the same thing with God. There's wisdom in you, you got legally. There's prosperity in you, you got legally. You are the fountain, the kafali, you are the source, the fountain that God's love flows because he is love, his nature is love. And so my nature should be that of my father, my Creator. It is not weakness for a man to operate in the type of love that changes things. And that type of love leads you into the marketplace. That type of love, you see a problem and come up with an answer, that type of love leads you to invent, that type of love leads you to start business.

That type of love leads you to invade the art world and show them y'all been lifting Michelangelo up too long, there are better than Michelangelo's around here. But instead of doing it from the love, that God-flow through you, you now do it for the love of money. Not knowing that money's just like water, if you wanna get wet, it's in the water. There's so much in this room. Wonder what would happen if we play it up? What would be the result of your life if we plugged up to the right socket? What could we accomplish being plugged to the source that made us from dust? And somehow, if God has the ingenuity to make a man out of the dust, you will, by legal rights, be able to look at something that ain't nothing in this world and manufacture something that would be so powerful, so awesome, so amazing.

Here's the thing I'm saying, have you even recognized the anointings that you carry? How do you find the will of God for your life? Well, how are you wired? Something in you that just loves math and it's easy. He wired you like that. Something in you where you can fix anything and it's easy, and you're wired like that. Take a day and go into yourself and discover the thing, give me a way to say this. Yeah, that's good. Discover and pay attention to how your friends and relatives compliment you about something. If it seems like a lot of people keep complimenting you about the same thing, you might ought to pay attention to that because that thing, that gift is seeping out in the lives of other people that are complementing you where that is concerned. It's about discovering the purpose for your wiring.

There's certain things on this earth that are wired different ways to accomplish different things. You're wired different ways to accomplish different things and don't limit what you're doing because you're looking at the financial picture. If you accomplish what God wired you to accomplish, that will take care of itself in a magnificent way and you ain't got a concern about it. In fact, you get so busy doing what you're doing, somebody gonna have to stop me and say, "Man, you realize that much money you done make"? "No, what? What? Don't bother me, I'm doing something".

That'll come, that's the wet with the water, it'll come. But I can't tell you how backwards it is for you to pursue the money and not pursue the connection. You gotta pursue the connection. Are y'all getting this, this morning? That there is something, it's pretty heavy. I think I need to at least bring up because sometimes it could be the elephant in the room. How does a person get cut? How does a person get, how does a man get, how do I say it? Well, I just say it. How do you get hooked up to pornography? Who are you talking about? How does a person become hooked on porn and what role does fear play in that process? A person's carnal desires, which are based in selfishness, are what the enemy uses to draw them into addictive behavior.

Let me say that again, a person's carnal desires which are based, those desires based in selfishness. You ain't thinking about nobody else but you, are what the enemy uses to draw them into addictive behavior. So anytime we violate the commandment of love, and we're not connected to that love fountain, fear is automatically gonna be present. And when we seek to take care of our needs, and then do that outside of God, we are far from walking in love. And then listen to this, and since love is what casts out fear, we can't be selfish and then expect to be free from God's... from fierce torment.

Fear will always infiltrate our lives when we are operating in selfishness. Selfishness in the area of emotional needs, is not often considered, but it's real. All of us have a need for relationships because we're not created to be islands that exist apart from others. We want to be loved and we want to be accepted. That's that whole inferiority thing we're fighting. "All have sinned and come short". That word is inferior. "All have sinned and have become inferior or come short of the glory of God," and the only antidote for inferiority is Jesus, because all have done it. It's what happened when you fall into sin. So, let's define manhood. It is sacrificial service.

Who better to be a servant under sacrificial conditions than a man who's plugged in with enough love not to be offended by it? And so you look at all the slave movies... now I ain't trying to do that, and you are missing out on the path that leads you to the call and the purpose for your wiring. Because there's a pool that's especially created for manhood, for manhood, that in certain cases, a man, regardless of the situation, there are anointings available to a man to do some of the stuff that he hadn't even been trained to do. But if he needs it at the time, there's an access to an anointing for you, through manhood, to get the job done, no matter what you face.

We've been trying to get the job done in our own natural ability depending upon ourselves. But there is a grace that's available to a man to see and figure out and accomplish things that showed up that you were never trained up about, you were never taught about, but there's a grace that's there for manhood. How do I get it? Well, it just starts off with just getting plugged up with the Spirit of grace. Just getting plugged up with him and start maturing, start maturing, start growing up.

Start maturing spiritually, start maturing emotionally and begin to walk in this thing, and begin to challenge yourself every day. And to say to yourself, "I depend on God". And all of a sudden, the shame will start leaving where you're not afraid to say this with other men. "Hey man, how you doing"? "I am a born again Christian and I love God with all my heart and I have to have him in my life. I'm letting you know right now who I am". You're talking about vulnerable. That's the place where you can become extremely vulnerable. "I have accepted Jesus as my Lord. I can't do it without him. He is my definition and my illustration and my example of manhood, and I follow him".
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