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Craig Groeschel - Different Faith in Trials

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Hey I need to know who came ready to have a little bit of church in the house today. All of us locations, before we dive in we have a little bit of celebrating to do and I know that many of you at my location have heard some of this that I'm about to share, but I hope you'll celebrate like you've heard it for the very first time. This weekend we are launching in two brand new buildings, two different cities, I want to celebrate what God is doing in Fort Worth, Texas launching a brand new building. This is pastor Jeremy right here, who is big enough to beat me up but he never will because I'm his boss and I won't let him do that. Pastor Jeremy we celebrate everything that's happening there.

And then on this weekend launching the 27th, Life Church location with believe it or not on their very first weekend 33 people being baptized in Norman, Oklahoma under the leadership of pastor Brian Bruss who is my longest tenured staff member, 21 years. Brian has been with us since the fifth month of the church. Brian I love you, your whole family. Also in this weekend, it's hard to believe, but we get to be a part of over 1,200 people going public with their faith, being baptized this weekend. We celebrate, we're not just praying for revival church we're living in the middle of it. Every single person being baptized has a name and a story, some of you we held you under longer because you need it baby, you need it. And just a few of the stories, in Overland Park, Kansas, Curtis we praise God for your life transformation. Who would imagine that your wife would baptize you and celebrate with the miraculous transformation in your life.

In Hendersonville, Trisha, Tennessee we thank God for his work in you as you've come back to God, now you're engaged fully. And in Tulsa, Tiffany, we thank God as you gave me permission, you are now addiction free. You are serving Jesus passionately. And we celebrate you and every other story. Congratulations to you. Now we're launching into a brand new message series today called Different. What we're going to do is over the next few weeks is, we're going to look at the book of First Peter and see how God is calling us as Jesus followers to be different from this world. So what I what I want to do is I want to give you the context of the book First Peter. First of all I'll tell you who wrote First Peter. Who do you think wrote First Peter? Both of you you're right, Peter wrote Peter, little spoiler. And sometimes I think Peter gets a bad rap.

Like Peter, when people think of Peter they say well he was an uneducated fishermen. It's one of the most common descriptions I hear of Peter. Just because a guy wasn't formally educated does not mean this guy was not sharp. Some of the sharpest people I know never went to college or whatever. This guy was a businessman, he was a fisherman. He was a tremendous leader. He was passionate, he was bold. In face when you read his writings in First Peter, he deals with some incredibly weighty and heavy theological issues. He's writing to a group of very hurting Christians and he talks about things like foreknowledge. He talks about divine election. He talks about sanctification. He talks about obedience. He talks about the blood of Christ. He talks about the trinity. He talks about revelation. The two big themes that emerge, you'll see over and over again, is he talks about the hope that we have in Christ and then he tell us that we're called to be different from this world.

To give you a little bit of context let's talk about when it was written and kind of what was going on in the world because it's important to understand that to really grasp the meaning of what God wants us to live and do through this book. First Peter was written somewhere between the year 60 and 65 AD. We're not sure exactly when, but this was during the reign of a very evil and corrupt man known as Nero. Now if you don't know much about Nero let me just paint the picture. This guy killed his mother. He killed his first wife and he most likely killed his second wife. This guy was so twisted that history believes that he actually burned the city of Rome. And what we do know is that in July of 64 AD this big fire broke out, it burned for six days. Uncontrollably and they couldn't put it out. On the sixth day they put it out. Then it reignited, burned another three days and history believes that Nero started this fire because he had this insatiable lust to build and the senate wouldn't let him rebuild so he just burned everything so he could rebuild it.

Well that didn't go well evidently when people started to blame him for burning Rome so he decided to blame this little group of very passionate already hated people known as Christ ones or Christians, Jesus followers. He said they did it and so this already persecuted group was persecuted brutally in this season in which Peter was writing this letter. Just to give you an idea of what Nero, of how sick he was, among other things he actually put the animal skins on Christians. So like a dead animal he's put the skin on the Christians then lock them into a cage and unleash a pack of wild dogs into the cage and watch them maul and destroy these Christians as he would sip wine and drink this as entertainment. This guy was so sick, he would take Christians, and you have to understand these are real people who loved their family just like you, and he would dip them in hot wax and then put them on a tree, tying their hands to a tree, light them on fire and burn the trees and these people like human candles to light the night skies as he would throw parties out around these suffering Christians.

That is the context into which Peter was writing when he wrote the book that we're about to read. So who is this message for? This is for two groups of people. This is for those of you who are hurting right now, who have questions that are unanswered, who have a trial, you're enduring something difficult. It might be a financial trial, it might be the loss of a job, it might be some kind of health issue, it might be tension in an important relationship, it might be that your children are moving in a direction that you don't want, it could be emotional, it could be addiction, in some sort of a trial. If you're going through a difficult time, this message is for you. The second group of people would be for those who will one day go through a trial. And that would be about all of you, right? My pastor used to say you're either coming out of a trial, you're in the middle of a trial or you're going into a trial because life can be difficult. If I'm telling the truth say amen.

Life can be difficult and so no matter what you're going through, we want to hear from God in a way that would speak to us as we're hurting and that's the context for which we start into this very powerful book. First Peter chapter one verse one starts this way. This is a letter from Peter, an apostle of Jesus Christ. I'm writing to God's chosen people who are living as foreigners. Everybody say that word aloud, they are living as foreigners in the provinces of Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia and Bithynia. The Greek word that's translated as foreigners is translated in many ways depending on what bible you have. I've printed them in your notes. This word is translated as exiles or sojourners or aliens or strangers or foreigners.

In other words Peter is saying you need to understand and remember this is not your home. If you're a follower of Jesus, you're a stranger to this world. You're a sojourner, you're just passing through. You're an alien, this is not your final dwelling place. You're a heavenly creature, serving a heavenly God passing through this temporary world into an eternal dwelling place where one day you will be with God. If this world is not your home therefore you will be different from this world. For those of you that are followers of Christ what does that mean? You'll have different values than those around you. You'll have different morals than other people. You'll have a different belief system. You'll be different as a mom, you'll be different as a dad. You'll be different as a husband, you'll be different as a wife. You'll be different in the way that you raise your children, the ways you relate to people. You'll be different in how you deal with someone who mistreats you. You'll be different in the way you invest your money. You'll be different in the way you spend your time.

Why? Because this world is not your home. You're called to be different. And in our message today we're going to look at, Peter is going to show us, that if you're in the middle of a trial because this world is not your home You can have a different kind of faith when you go through something incredibly difficult. That's what I want to do today is look at the words of this very powerful book and we're going to look at a different faith in trials. Remember who Peter is writing to in First Peter one, verse six and seven. Almost would appear shocking when you understand the context. He says to these hurting Christians so be truly glad. Wow, right, right, is anybody with me? So be truly glad, he says because there is a wonderful joy ahead even though you must endure many trials for a little while. In other words God may not make these temporary trials go away, but there is wonderful joy ahead. And then he's going to show these trials have a purpose. He says these trials will show that your faith is what, that your faith is genuine.

Now think about this, these trials will show that your faith is genuine. If there is such thing as a genuine faith, then what would the opposite be? If there is a genuine faith, there also might be a false faith, right? In fact this is honestly my greatest concern, and I hope at all of our churches you'll pay really close attention to this because in the western world, kind of, not in all parts of the world, in church online many of you in parts of the world if you claim Christ it can cost you a lot including your life. I'm not talking about places like that and especially like in the United States, those of you in Wellington, Florida, those of you in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, those of you in Albany, New York you're not even really my target. I'm speaking even more directly to those of you in Texas, those of you around Oklahoma, those of you in Arkansas, those of you in Kansas, kind of in the bible belt.

Sometimes in those places like where I live it can be so easy to be a Christian that I believe many people would call themselves Christians but they're not at all, it's a false faith. If there is a genuine faith, there is also a false faith and it is my great fear, great fear, that there are many of you who are in church, semi-regularly, that believe you're a Christian, but your faith is not real, can I be that direct? Let me show you three different types of false faith. If you're taking notes, the first one would be what I would call an inherited faith. This is what some of you might have. This is where we go like this, if we're talking we might say well my mom was a Methodist and my dad was a Baptist and we went to church some, you know Christmas and Easter and a couple other times so obviously I'm a Christian. You know I'm not a Buddhist, I'm not a Muslim so I must be a Christian, my parents were, my grandma was, it's an inherited faith. But it's not your faith.

For example, I talked to a 19 year old girl and she said I grew up in church every Sunday, every Wednesday, always in youth group. And she said now that I'm off to college I'm not really sure I believe all this stuff. What was she saying, it was an inherited faith. It was her parents', it was not hers and that would be perhaps where some of you are right now. It's not a genuine faith, it's not really yours. A second type is what I would call a shallow faith, it's a shallow faith. Jesus talked about this in a story that he told in Matthew chapter 13, you can read about it if you want. He said a sower, or a farmer, went out to sow some seeds, to plant some seeds and he said some of the seeds took root and a little plant sprung up, but the roots didn't grow deep enough, it was shallow faith, so Jesus said when the worries of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth and the love for the things of this world came along, it choked out this little plant and it died, why? Because the roots weren't deep enough and that again is where some of you are.

In fact if I can just be real honest. I don't want to be like a prophet of doom but this is true, six months from now there are some of you that are happy to be here today that you will not be here, you will not be in any church, you will not be reading the bible, you will be hurting, you'll be afraid, you'll be lost in some addiction. There will be no spiritual power and no spiritual victory and that is absolutely and completely true. I've seen it over and over and over again. Because you have no real roots to keep you deep. That's the way it is, this church has never been as quiet as it is right now. And so maybe I'm stepping on some toes, this is the truth, you won't be here. You're here, you're kind of excited. You won't be here six months from now.

Let me explain it this way, people confess things to me all the time. Strangers, it's like the weirdest thing, okay. They confess things to be, just like they tell me things, they vomit on me okay. I have respect for the Catholic tradition. Do I look like a Catholic priest? No I'm not a Catholic priest, but people just confess things to me okay. Amy and I went into this restaurant and this 19 or 20 year old waiter came up and he was really excited to see us. Like oh my gosh you're my pastor. I love you, oh my gosh, I love your church. I mean I go to church all the time and then he just started confessing. He's like okay I'm lying I haven't been in two years. I haven't been, I was going, but then I got busy and I had debt and I had school so I had to work and you know I can't go cause I work on Sunday mornings and I know there's a Sunday night. I don't go on Sunday night, why because I'm living with my girlfriend and I feel so guilty because we're smoking pot. Like whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

True story, he's like blah, vomit. I'm like just trying to order an appetizer okay man. You know, we'll pray for you later and this guy just ughl on me and I said to him I said hey look, look, look, look, do you want to be close to God? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I want to be close to God. I said let's come Sunday night and then what I want you to do is I don't want you to just do it there cause that's not going to give you the strength you need for seven days to fight the devil. So let's get involved somewhere and take a step forward. Let's get, and this is why we talk about all the times, Life Group, because this is really what I believe is the purest form of the church. The disciples Acts is they met house to house. That we get together mid week and we have a community of people that we do life with and this helps our roots grow deeper.

You said well there's going to be weird people. Yes, there's always a weird person in every Life Group, it's a principle. There's always one. If you say no there's not one in my Life Group, there is. And you may argue all day long. There's always one, there's not one in my group. Yes there is. That would be you, there's one in every group. And you have to deal with weird people and you have to forgive people that hurt you and you have to deal with things you don't like and it moves you out of self into others and you get in this community where you're studying God's word and you're praying for each other and you're caring for each other and when you start to stray, like no, no, no, no. Get back here, get back here, get back here, we're Jesus followers and your roots grow deep. This is one of the most important things. Listen, cause there's somebody here, you just need to hear this. You're kind of here and you kind of come and you're kind of in, you need to take a step forward before the devil takes you out.

Let me say it again, you need to take a step forward before the devil takes you out because I don't want you six months from now fighting some addiction, marriage screwed up, kids hurting, doubting, far from God because you need the strength of God's people. Church is not listening to a podcast. Church is the body of Christ where we gather corporately to worship God, strengthen one another, to attack the world with the love of Jesus. This really matters to God. Jesus died for the church, he's returning for the church. He said I will build my church, the church matters to Jesus therefore it matters to us. We're not going to have a shallow faith. The third thing is a conditional faith. It's those who would say I believe in God, I love God, I love God, I believe in God as long as things go my way. Right, this is some of you, you know people like this.

I talked to a guy at the gym, he said my wife left me, I lost my job, how can I believe in a God who would allow that to happen. That is a conditional faith and that is a false faith. There are those of you that you have a false faith and I believe that God brought you here today to change that into a genuine faith. Trials can reveal the depth of your faith. If you're going through a difficult time and some of you may say well my faith is being tested right now, my faith is being tested. How is it that God uses our trials. Two different ways, number one trials reveal your faith, trials reveal your faith. Let's look at it again, First Peter 1:7. These trials will show that your faith is genuine. I love to say it this way, a faith that's been tested is a faith that can be trusted, okay. A faith that's been tested, is one that can be trusted. In fact that was Peter, he had been tested, even failed a little bit, strengthened, regrouped, redeemed, made new and he was completely transformed.

In fact, let me show you back maybe 25 years prior to Peter writing this book. So go back a couple of decades and he had this conversation with Jesus that was recorded in Luke's gospel, Luke 22 verse 31 and 32. Jesus said to him Simon, Simon, Simon Peter Satan has asked to sift you as wheat. In other words, Satan wants to test you Satan wants to see what you're made of. Listen, all of our churches, don't ever for a moment think that your spiritual enemy is not scheming to take you away from the things of God. Don't ever think for a moment he's not attacking. Satan wants to sift you like wheat. He wants to test you, what are you made of Peter? Jesus says but I have prayed for you Simon that your faith may not fail. Trials reveal your faith and when you've turned back, in other words you're not going to always get it right Peter, but when you've turned back strengthen your brothers.

How did God use the trial to transform Peter? Think about this, in the early years let's be honest Peter was kind of obnoxious, he was very inconsistent. He was hot headed, he was rash. In the later years what was he? He was incredibly bold, he was incredibly tenacious. He was full of faith, what happened? God used the trials to strengthen him. What was one of the big trials? Well Peter was always shooting off at the mouth and he said one time to Jesus hey if all those other loser disciples deny you I never will, I'm your guy, I got your back. I will never leave you, I will never forsake you. John, you can't trust him, but you can trust me. Then what happened, not one time, not two times but three times Peter denied Jesus. One of the times it was to a little girl. Do you know Jesus? I don't know, never heard of him. A second grade girl with a Snoopy lunchbox you know. No, no, I've never met him in my life, okay. He sees the eyes of Jesus and his heart's ripped out.

Jesus brutally dies on the cross for Peter's sins and for our sins. Three days later the stone is rolled away. The tomb is empty, Christ is risen. In John 21 you see this meaningful encounter between the risen Christ and Peter. And Jesus said do you love me, yes you love me and he gives him an assignment, feed my sheep. What happens shortly after that? Peter, the guy who messed up, was the guest preacher on the day of Pentecost when 3,000 people were born into the kingdom of God. What happened, God used the trials to strengthen his faith to change him to who he was to becoming. Trials can reveal and strengthen your faith. That's why James, the brother of Jesus, even said this, in James 1:2 he said consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds.

If you're in a trial you can count it all as joy because you know the testing of your faith produces perseverance, in other words God's going to use it. God's doing something in it. If you're racked with pain right now what I hope that you'll understand is there is a purpose in your pain. My God will never waste a hurt, he's always working in it. He's always for you, he always loves you and he is always good. Trials reveal your faith. The second thing I hope you'll see is this. That trials can draw you closer to God. Trials can draw you closer to God. First Peter one, eight and nine tells us this directly and I want you to watch the power of the language. The imagery that Peter uses, he says this he says you love God even though you've never seen him though you do not see him now you trust him and watch this, and he says, now remember who he's writing to, these are people that you know maybe their cousin just got burned as a candle the night before.

This is how dark it is. He says and you rejoice with a glorious, inexpressible joy. A glorious, inexpressible joy. A joy that can only come from heaven. A joy for which we do not have the words in our human vocabulary to adequately describe this heavenly emotion that settles our soul, that calms our mind, that gives us a peace beyond our human ability to understand, but even though you're grieving, even though you're hurting, even though you're afraid, even though it's dark, even though they may be coming to get you, you can still have this glorious, inexpressible joy and then he says the reward for trusting in him will be the salvation of your souls. The reward will be the salvation of your souls. Notice this, that's what we call the gospel. What is the gospel, that is the good news of who Jesus is.

What I hope you'll understand is the good news is not that God saves us from our trials. The good news is that God saves us from our sins and somebody better help me at this point because this is really, really good news. God never ever said that I will deliver you from all your troubles. He never said you won't have migraine headaches. He never ever said you won't have financial difficulties. He never ever said that you won't have a person at work that drives you crazy and makes you want to blow them away. He never said any of that, in fact Jesus said the exact opposite. In John 16:33 Jesus said in this world you will have trouble, but take heart for I have overcome the world. The good news is not that he saves us from our trials, the good news is that he saves our souls and forgives us of our sins. That is the best news of all time.

Then someone would say, but Craig but God will never give you more than you can handle. Or this is, God would never give you more than you can handle, God would never ever give you more than you can handle. That is a misinterpretation of a verse that says God will never let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. The bible never ever says God won't give you more than you can handle. I'm absolutely convinced God will often allow you to have more than you can handle because that teaches you to depend on him. When you're hurting you draw close to him. When you're desperate you call on him because let's be honest, for those with a false faith the moment life is okay you don't need him, you just do life without him. I am convinced there are times when God will allow you to be weak because in your weakness his strength is made perfect. God will allow you to get to a place where you are so low all you can do is look up to him and he will find him and he will be good and when you press into him you too can experience a glorious, inexpressible joy.

I'm just curious, am I preaching okay today? Is this connecting? Okay you don't have to clap for me, but let me just tell you where this comes from. Personal experience, personal experience. I can't tell you how many times that I've been back in my little room getting ready, fighting off the tears the last year and just come out and preach my brains out and go back and hurt. And let me explain to you why. Those of you who are in the inside, meaning you don't have shallow faith, but like you come to worship nights. If you were at worship night Amy and I stood up here and cried before you. Actually I cried and she stood there strong. I blabbed you know, ugly cry. I talked to you about my daughter Mandy. She's my second daughter, she's 21. She got married when she was 20. I told her it was entirely too young to get married. I almost forbid here and she told me that's how old her mom was when I married her. I'm like okay fine, all right? And she married a great guy and we love him dearly.

Let me show you some pictures of Mandy just so you'll understand. I took Mandy to Denver, it was my last trip with her alone before she got married. And this is her husband James, great, great guy, youth pastor at one of our churches. This is Mandy at the Mayo Clinic where she just was a couple weeks ago. And the reason she was at the Mayo Clinic is because right before her wedding, a year and several months ago, she got mononucleosis and she never recovered. She got over mono, but her body never recovered. And so she can come to one church service on some weekends, she couldn't come to two. She can go to the grocery store one day and she has to stay home the next day and rest. And so we looked at the best doctors, best doctors. They couldn't diagnose it, we don't know what's going on. So we thought another month surely and she'll get to go back to work. Another month, surely she'll be better. Another month, surely her body won't be racked with pain. Another month, month, month, month, month and finally I'm like man this could be really, really serious and I've said I'm paying and you're going. Get on a plane with your husband, go to Mayo Clinic and we're going to have the best doctors in the nation check you out. So this is weighing on me.

The night before that we finally got a diagnosis I had a dream that Mandy died, okay. So I went in the other room. I didn't tell Amy, I just cried, cried and cried and cried and cried. I texted her at five in the morning, are you okay. She didn't respond. It's five in the morning she was asleep. I'm like respond, respond, respond. Finally she did and this has been weighing on me like that. And so she got a diagnosis and the really good news is that it's not life threatening which was our real fear. Okay, praise God for that. So we have a plan and the doctors tell us it can take years, but we think we can get her back to a good and healthy place. And I believe in a God that it can do miracles. I believe it will be faster than years, I still have faith. In the middle of this, right before Mandy went to Mayo.

You know she's in pain every day. And you know how it is when you're a parent. Like I'd give anything to be in that place, to take it for her. I said baby do you still have hope and she smiled bigger than you can imagine and she said daddy I always have hope in Jesus. She said hope's my middle name. And it is Amanda Hope, is her middle name and I have just watched this girl and I've seen what it's done in my marriage and at the same time it's been one of the harder seasons in our life, it's been one of the most intimate seasons with the goodness of our God. And precious Mandy has started making YouTube videos and now has got over 1,000 subscribers that are, people around the world, that are facing chronic illnesses and she's not just helping minister to them, but she's pointing them to Jesus and seeing God use her greatest trial to make a difference.

Here's what I want you to understand is our faith is not in what we see. Our faith is in who God is. Say it again, our faith is not in what we see, our faith is in who God is. And at the same time we hurt because it's real and in the same time we have human fears because we are human. We have supernatural faith in the goodness of God and what I want you to understand is we have in my house, in my family a glorious, inexpressible joy that can only come from heaven. So if you're here today and you're hurting, you are here because God loves you. Take a step toward him. When you draw near to him he will draw near to you. And God loves you so much that he brought you here to help you understand that you're not experiencing a trial because you're bad or you did something wrong, but he can actually use the trial to strengthen you, conform you to the image of his son Jesus and you may never be the same as you trust in him.

All of our churches let's take a moment and pray together. Father I ask today that you would do a work that only you can do to bring healing God especially to those who are hurting. All of our churches, nobody looking around, I want to talk to those of you that are hurting. You might have a financial situation, you might have a physical condition. It might be somebody that you love, it might be relational. It might be spiritual questions, it might be emotional. It might be some type of an addiction, but you say I'm facing a challenge, a trial and I need prayer today. In all of our churches if that's you would you lift up you hands high. Right now, just lift them up high all over the place.

God I thank you today, not just that there's hurting people I thank you that there's hurting people together in your presence. And God we rejoice with those who rejoice and we mourn with those who mourn. And today God we just, we hurt with those that are hurting. But God we also hope with those who have hope in your son Jesus and today God we ask that you would do a miracle in our hearts. Draw us close to you. We thank you God that even in the middle of the most severe trials there is an inexpressible and glorious joy for those who know you. God in the middle of a trial may we experience the peace that goes beyond our human ability to understand. That our faith is not in what we see, our faith is in who you are God. Help us to trust in you, though we don't see you, we still trust in you. We thank you that you're good. I pray God today for a miracles. I pray for Mandy, I speak the name of Jesus over her. I believe by faith she will be healed. I pray for miracles in physical bodies at churches all across our world. God I pray for financial provision. I pray for relational restoration. God we ask that you would do miraculous works. And between our prayer and the time we see it we choose to trust in you and we thank you God that you are real, you are here, you are with us and you are administering this glorious, indescribable peace to our souls that we would be different God because we have been with you.

All of our churches as you continue praying today, there are those of you that you're going to realize you have a false faith, it's not real. It's not deep, it's not sincere, it's not yours. It might be inherited, it might be conditional. It might be whatever it is you recognize I've got a false faith. You are here today not by accident, but it's time to put your faith in God. Campus pastors I'm calling an audible right now. Adjust, I want everyone to look up here right now. Nobody looking down, every head up, every eye open today. At all of our churches today there are those you you recognize that you are not fully following Christ. There's some of you, you may even appear to be a Christian, everyone thinks you are, but you recognize you don't have real roots, you don't have real faith.

Today what I'm going to ask you to do is to go public before everybody else and say I need Christ and I commit my life to him. Jesus said if you confess me before people, I will confess you before my God in heaven. If you do not confess me, I will not confess you. At all of our churches there are those of you that recognize you need Christ. Some of you they think you're following him but you realize you are not. Others of you, you may look like you're really far from God and say how could I ever take a step toward him. You come to him as you are. You're here today because he loves you. When you call on the name of Jesus who is perfect in every way, died and rose again, he will hear you're prayer, he will forgive your sins. He will make you brand new. You are not a better version of you, you are a different version of you. He will completely forgive you, you become a new person in Christ.

At all of our churches those of you who would say yes that's me, I don't care who's watching. I need his grace, I need his forgiveness, I want genuine faith today. I go public, I give my life to him. Lift your hands right now, all of our churches. Can somebody give glory to God right here? Can somebody praise God right here? Can somebody thank God for hands all over the place, transformed lives all over the place. Lift them high, we praise God. Lift them high, we praise God. I need Christ, I need Christ, I need Christ, I need Christ. Somebody ought to pray louder than that. I need Christ, I give my life to him. I trust him to save me, we are not praying for revival Life Church, we are living in the middle of one right now. We worship you God, we praise your name. Everybody pray with those around you.

Pray Heavenly Father, take my life, I give it to you. Jesus save me, forgive me, make me new. Fill me with your spirit so I can know you, serve you and follow you. Help me be different from this world so I completely live for you. My life is not my own. I give it to you in Jesus' name I pray.

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