Christine Caine — You Have It In You

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Hi everyone! Thanks so much for joining us at LIFE Today. As you can tell I'm neither James nor Betty. My name is Christine Caine from Sydney, Australia, and I'm your host today.

James and Betty are off changing the world as usual and it is just my honor to be your host today. I'm so excited because I have a very dear friend here that you're going to grow to love. We have Pastor Sheryl Brady joining us today.

It is so good. Thanks so much for coming in. I'm excited because I have read your book, You Have It in You. I've read it cover to cover many, many times. I tell people, actually, Sheryl, that you're my favorite Christian woman's speaker; that I actually steal all your messages and then I redo them.

I put an Australian accent on them because that's very important! Because you've sort of got like a bit of a southern drawl in you, and then I tell people they're mine. And if you go and speak somewhere where I've already spoken, I tell you, you can't speak your messages, if I've spoken them there.

So now I'm confessing on international TV that this is where I get my messages from. So tell me why you wrote this book.
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