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2021 online sermons » Christine Caine » Christine Caine — Past the Pain

Christine Caine — Past the Pain

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At that moment -- that's when I felt it. But there was just such receptivity. You know what I've discovered, James? That whether it is Australia, America, Europe -- people are people everywhere. People have pain everywhere and people get stuck in a moment of pain or stuck in a moment of anything that might have happened to them and think they are defined by that moment.

I think we spoke so much in that teaching that your history does not need to define your destiny. You can move past your past and God's future for us is always for good and not for evil. He's got plans to prosper us and not to harm us.

And the enemy, he's always only done one thing. He's wanted to steal, kill and destroy what God has for our lives. So if he can make us be stuck in a moment... And I think, James, my story, and like yours, a lot of brokenness, and Betty's, so much pain, and I experienced abuse for a lot of years of my life, I was abused for 12 years but now I'm 47 and so I have not been abused for 35 years and I came to a point to think, why should I allow 12 years to define my entire life when in fact I have not been abused for a lot more years than I was?

And I was abandoned at a hospital but you know what? God was there in the midst of that, God brought me through that. And I think sometimes we get so stuck in that one moment of pain, or that one season, there was another season obviously of 12 years but we allow that one season in our history to determine our entire destiny.

Jesus says, "I came, I died on a cross and I rose again from the dead so that you can have a life beyond your past." I think the blood of Jesus does not give us amnesia.

My past happened. I was abused, I was abandoned, I was broken; none of that changes except everything changes when you encounter Christ because he gives you now the power to have a life beyond that past because of his redemptive work on the cross.

I think a lot of us, we sort of get stuck and don't realize Jesus rose again. So I have a resurrection life that I can have access to. I really taught along that line and the crew in here was just on fire. So I loved it!
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