Christine Caine — Undaunted

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A definite awakening. I'm just thinking, when I first became a Christian 25 years ago, I remember just what an influence the American church had on us Australian believers.

Our heritage was a group of convicts, we didn't have much Christian heritage and all of the sudden we kind of got saved. The Lord began to really move in our nation and I'm from a church in Australia, the Hillsong Church, the Lord's just really, really blessed that movement.

And American Christians and the American church has been so foundational in helping us to grow and become the men and women of God that we are.

Now, it is very interesting, in the last few years I've been spending more and more time here. There are things that I'm seeing in America that I would never have believed I would ever see in my lifetime -- like never would I have believed it.

In fact, there's been a bit of a shift. I think that perhaps what's happened is a lot of believers tended to fall asleep and forgot the urgency of the mission we're about and we need --.

I do a lot of work all around the world and I kind of feel like saying, "Hey, American church, we need you. We need you to wake up and step up to the plate and take your place in the kingdom so that together we can advance the kingdom of God."
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