Christine Caine — True Identity

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I think that's definitely the hope that I had saying, look, if an unnamed, unwanted... I mean my own birth certificate has typed in... the section that says "child's name" it's got typed in the word "Unnamed #2508 of 1966." So I had to really work through a whole lot of identity issues. And we all do.

Here the wife of a famous football player, well, at the end of the day people get stuck in moments because even if you're a famous football player that can be your identity.

Like how many people do we have that go, "Ten years ago I played football" and their whole identity is in the fact that they played football ten years ago and the accolades and awards that they have from back then. Then you get lost as someone's wife or someone's husband or whatever it might become.

And I think for all of us, whether you were left abandoned in a hospital, whether you're the wife of someone famous, whether you are the famous person, you still have to fight to find your identity in who you are in Christ because everything else can move and everything else will shift. It's only in him that we can find our identity.

I think for me, obviously, Nick and I go through a lot of that as well; it's like when one partner is a little bit more prominent than the other. But if you know on which foundation you're solidly built on then you really can't be shaken.

I think once you know that, whether someone says hello to you or not, actually, it doesn't matter as much because you know who you are because you are a daughter of the king.
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