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2021 online sermons » Christine Caine » Christine Caine - Drop The Anchor, Part 4

Christine Caine - Drop The Anchor, Part 4

Christine Caine - Drop The Anchor, Part 4
Christine Caine - Drop The Anchor, Part 4

See, I think social media doesn't help, because I go to Facebook and it says to me, what's on your mind? You know how dangerous, you don't wanna know what's on my mind! There are moments in life when it can look on the outside like God has let you down. What you are believing for hasn't come to pass. What you are hoping for hasn't happened. What you expected isn't lining up with your experience. What we do in those moments, will determine the course of our lives and destiny. I'm Christine Caine, and I have a personal mission to Equip and Empower people like you, to connect with your God-given purpose and potential. I'm so glad that you're joining me today.

Hey! Hey everyone! I am so glad, I'm so glad that you've joined us again today, thanks so much for tuning in. I know that God has a word for you. I have loved this whole series that we've been doing on dropping the anchor. Now, my muscles have really, really kind of strengthened. I just want you all to know, because, I normally do a 12 pound weight, but this is 15 pounds, just so you know. There's a bit of strength in the old lady! But we're talking about the fact that Jesus is this hope we have. And as an anchor for our soul, both firm and secure. And we've been looking at the fact that we're living in chaotic times, we're living in turbulent times. There is no doubt about that. And it is important that we check the links here in this chain to make sure that they are secure, so that we can stay connected to our anchor, Jesus, who keeps us grounded in a world of shifting sand. There is no doubt about it. Everything, the goal posts are changing, every five minutes, in every realm of life. But Jesus is this hope we have, as an anchor for our soul, both firm and secure.

And so we've been looking at the lives of the people in the book of Hebrews, the Jewish Christians, that had converted from Judaism to Christianity. They were undergoing extreme persecution and you know what happens? When you are being persecuted, you basically wanna pull back. You wanna go back to what's comfortable, what's safe and in the day that we're living in, there is this great sense that people think sometimes, you know, if you're a Christian, you're an idiot, basically, that's what people think. And sometimes, we can be tempted to compromise. To think, you know what, I am not going to be full on for my witness at work, or at college, or at school, or amongst the mother's group that I'm a part of, or when I'm out with my friends. You know what? I might just compromise a little bit, just to be accepted, because I cannot bear the pressure of what it's like to live in this world of shifting sand, and to believe in an absolute God, in a world of relative truth.

How do you remain loving and kind and gentle and absolute in your beliefs, in a pluralistic world? What does it mean to be a Christian in the midst of all of that? Well, a lot of these Jewish Christians were wanting to turn back to their old way of Judaism, but the writer to the Hebrews is reminding them that Jesus is this hope we have as an anchor for our soul. That we don't need to pull back, we can lean into it. We don't have to freak out, just because everybody else is freaking out in the world around us. Things are changing economically, politically, morally, socially, environmentally, but we can remain steadfast. We can look at the future with a smile, because our hope is anchored in Jesus Christ.

So we're looking at the links in the chain, that keep us connected to Jesus. I'm gonna go to Hebrews chapter 10. Verse 19 again, therefore brothers, and sisters, "Since we have confidence to enter the holy places by the blood of Jesus, by the new and living way that he opened for us through the curtain, that is, through his flesh and since we have a great priest over the house of God," and we focused on this last week, "Let us draw near with a true heart, in full assurance of faith, with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water". I mean, I think it is amazing that we have unhindered access to the throne of grace, because of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ on the cross, that we don't have to get to God through anyone but Jesus Christ. And you don't have to get cleaned up to go to God, because Jesus has cleaned us by his blood. That is great hope.

Well today, we're continuing to number two, is not only do we draw near, but we make sure that we also speak up, because verse 23 says... I love that. "Let us hold fast the confession of our hope," and here it is, "Without wavering". Because Jesus is faithful. Now this is not as easy as it sounds. We can be faith-filled, and hope-filled, when everything's going our way. When everyone likes us, when everyone agrees with us, when it seems like all of the planets are aligning with our plans and our action. We are full of confession. Bless God! I am highly favored, I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Favor ain't fair, favor follows- until... That's it. Until you don't get the parking spot at Walmart that you wanted. And then all of a sudden, the devil is against me! Until you run to get that sale item, with the red light flashing, and someone else has grabbed it before you, and then your evil twin sister comes out. It's amazing. But here's the point that without wavering is not easy. Because faith is never tested in the good times. Faith is only ever tested in the storms. Faith is only ever tested in the trials.

So what happens in the middle of a storm, that basically will tell you where you're at. I wish I could tell you that I never wavered. Now I told you lots of my good stories. But I certainly have plenty in building Equip and Empower ministries over the last couple of decades, in building aid 21, in building propel women. Now there have been many moments where I have wavered. And you know what I've found? God is always faithful. And at every time I look back and think, God, why did I doubt you? And what I have often confused is God with people. It is amazing. Do you talk down to yourself? What do you say to yourself about yourself? No-one has more influence in your life than you. And how your self-talk goes, that's how your life will go. So what is it that you are saying to yourself? I have taught, my kids think I'm weird. Because I get them to look in the mirror and I say, Catherine Bobbie, you tell that mirror. Catherine Bobbie, you are the head and not the tail. You are above only, and not beneath. You are a leader and not a follower. You are a woman of God. You are a woman of prayer. You are a Holy Ghost terrorist. You are going, you love the house of God. You love the Word of God. You are gonna grow up and marry a very, very wealthy Christian man.

I've told them, right from the time they are born, I say you declare, and you decree that over your life all of the time! And I get them to say, you look in that mirror. And you say, fear has no power over me, because God has not given me a spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. I am not insecure, because my security is to be found in Christ. I am intelligent, I can be anything God wants me to be, I can do anything God has called me to do. I'm like, talk to yourself. How are you talking to yourself today? What are you saying? Do you call yourself a fool? Do you call yourself an idiot? Do you say good things never happen to you? Good things never come your way. I always fail, I'm always hope, what is your self-talk? The Bible says, hey, let us hold fast to our confession of hope, without wavering.

The thing that I'm noticing in the world that we live in, is there is so much wavering when it comes to our confession. We all speak life and hope when it's going, when we feel good. When I feel good about how I look. When I feel good about how I've just performed. If I have come number one. If I've a achieved a 4.0. If I've got into the school that I wanted to get into. If I have the friends that I wanna... Things have to happen for me to say good things. And I'm like, wow. You are never gonna navigate the storm of life, if your confessions aligns itself with your circumstances. Because your link in this chain is gonna be very weak if you're depending on your circumstances for your confession to be positive. Your confession must align itself with the truth of the Word of God. Not with your past, not with your experience, and certainly not with your circumstances.

Have you ever noticed how kids call you out? And it was awesome. My married life with Nick, before we had kids, was a lot more peaceful because I was convicted a lot less in my life. I'll never forget, it wasn't actually, I wish I could say that it was a long time ago, it wasn't that long ago. And we were in DC and I was going to speak at this conference, and just with so much of the work that I do with aid 21 you know, my life is, I spend a lot of time in DC. And it was, I was just having one of those moments. And it was just so frustrating and nothing was going right, you know, the plane schedule, we were so delayed. And so that already is gonna set me off. We were already getting in five hours late, it was snowing and I'm like a California and a Sydney girl, and a Greek island girl, you know, snow is not my love language, and so. And so everything, you know, the transportation wasn't on time, we were already delayed five hours.

I was taking two kids with me. And the fact is, that all that is a huge dynamic and so I sort of had a little bit of a meltdown in the hotel room, and you know, I'm starting to say, why am I doing this? And I was dreaming anyway, I was never taught how you're supposed to do this with two kids and you know, you gotta change diapers, and you know, how am I supposed to make this work? And I've got to get up in just a couple of hours and everyone expects me to deliver something that is faith-filled and inspiring and you know, if God was on my side, it wouldn't be snowing. And if God was on my side the man would have been there to pick us up at the airport.

If God was on my side, then the plane wouldn't have been delay, I mean, you know, it's amazing. I mean, five minutes, five hours before that, I was like, I'm God's woman of power. For the hour, I've got the word, but now I'm like, if God was on my side, then all these bad things wouldn't happen, because, you know. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. And my little girl Sophia at that time, it was so hilarious. So she just pops out, she's like just learning to talk and I'll tell you in a minute how I brainwashed my kids and so, she just out of nowhere, she comes out of her little bed, she's like, mommy! Now this is how your words come back to you. She goes, mommy! What happened to the children of Israel in the wilderness because they murmured, grumbled and complained? Because I had taught them since they were born, any time they complained, I'd go, do you know what happened to the children of Israel? Because they murmured, grumbled and complained? You know what happened? They died in the wilderness!

Where is your confession at? What are you holding on to? There is Proverbs 18:21 says, there is the power of life and death in our tongues. And I'm thinking, in the social media age in which we live, we have forgotten that scripture. There is power of life and, I was schooled on this kind of Christianity 30 years ago. That you frame your world with the words that you speak, that your confession can change the atmosphere of your home. Your confession can change the atmosphere of your workplace. Your confession can change the atmosphere of your school, but most of us, we lower our confession down to our level of experience. And we begin to talk like the world around us, rather than elevating everyone around us to come into alignment with the truth of the Word of God. I am not talking about a blab it and grab it type of Christianity. I am talking about a faith-filled Christianity where the Word of God, and the life of God, and the Spirit of God.

If we believe that God spoke this word into being, that the words of God in my mouth are as powerful as the words of God in his mouth. Do you realize how much your life would change if you really believed that? I believe that this word has creative power. It is living and active, and sharper than any two-edged sword and if I believe that, I believe this word, in my mouth is as powerful as this word in God's mouth. And God spoke this world into being. So what are you speaking over your relationships? What are you speaking over your finances? What are you speaking over your health? What are you speaking over your destiny? What are you speaking over the world around you? Because listen to yourself. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Watch what you are saying. See, I think social media doesn't help, because I go to Facebook and it says to me, what's on your mind?

You know how dangerous, you don't wanna know what's on my mind! Most of the time you do not want to, but we think because we've all got our own platform now, we've all got our own broadcast, whether it's, pick your social media, Snapchat or Instagram, or Pinterest or Facebook or Twitter. Whatever your thing might be. It says, what's on your mind? So, I'll tell you what on my mind. And that's our problem. We've got too many people telling us what's on their mind. And too many of us listening to what's on their mind. And we've got too many Christians venting. You don't, I don't need to know what's on your mind. I wanna know what's on God's mind. Isaiah 55 says that God says my thoughts are not your thoughts. My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are higher than your thoughts. So how about you stop speaking your mind? We live in a world that's just, I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind. And you're speaking death and negativity into the atmosphere.

To your friends, I'll just tell you what's on my mind. I'm just being authentic. I'm just being transparent, I'm like, can you not? Can you not? I'm just being open. And we have excused ungodly words coming out of our mouth in the guise of authenticity and transparency. I'm like, how about you take that to God in your quiet time and don't put it on Facebook. There are some things only God needs to know, sweetheart. There are some things only God needs to... I'm not talking about denying it, but tell God, not your Facebook post. What's on your mind? I have to last, you know, or Twitter is even more amazing. It asks me if I'm gonna post and you should check this, it just goes, you know, what's happening? I'm like, you know what? Maybe you don't need to tell me what's happening. Maybe you don't need to snap and upload what's happening. Maybe you need to be repenting of that before God. Not posting it on Twitter. Just letting you know. And so the point is, that just because they say it there, doesn't mean we have to do it.

In this age of just open journaling, I'm gonna blog, so we all just think I'm gonna... No, no, some things you need to journal to Jesus you don't need to blog on your Facebook post, please. That's all I'm saying, seriously. Where did we get off thinking that we can just put it all out there? Some things we need to just be repenting of, before the throne of God, behind the scenes. Some things, you know, people around you, they don't need to be hurt by what you're thinking. You need to deal about it with God. There is, I'm always amazed when people sometimes line up, and it doesn't happen often, but every now and again, someone goes oh, Christine, I just need to confess to you that like, I hated when you spoke this thing and you said this, I've just been offended at you for the last two years, I'm like, I don't even know who you are. I don't even know who you are, you don't need to repent to me, you need to repent to God and get on with your life.

Some of you are venting things and saying things to people you do not need to say. And you're causing a problem where there otherwise would be no problem. And don't call it well I'm just being authentic and I'm just being... No, you're just venting. You're just venting. That's not even godly behind all of that. So how about we confess the Word of God? How about we speak the truth in love? And the rest of the stuff, how about we start thinking about what we're posting? How about we start thinking... Well there's nothing wrong with it Christine, putting my naked body out there is no big deal, it's just giving glory to God for his creation. I'm like, not. Like not. I'm on a roll today.

And so, somebody must be watching this that needs to hear this right now. Put some clothes on before you post, that's all I'm saying. And so, you know I wonder if there's been anyone besides me right now that sometimes you've opened your mouth, and just you're trying to grab the words back and put them back in like, where did you go when you say that you know, you've prayed about your spouse to God, and then you complain to your girlfriend about him, you know? We need to get some, get rid of the disparity. You know, you've prayed about your kids and then you try to play the Holy Spirit to your kids. It's amazing you know. And so maybe you should just pray. And let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit.

You know, you call your friend and you just want to talk about your prayer needs, which is code for I wanna gossip about that other person. You know, you lose respect for your leader and so you're rude, and disrespectful and you back chat. And so somehow by maybe them doing something that's wrong, you've justified your own ungodly response. Rather than doing what the Bible says, which is maybe zip your mouth. Zip your mouth. You know, you complain about your boss to a coworker. And you go, I'm justified in doing this, you don't know what they did, but the truth is, no you haven't gone to God and you haven't gone to seek true counsel, you've just done what the Bible tells you not to do. And so that's the fact where we're letting ourselves get away with stuff that actually's not an option in the Bible. And that's how you get rid of your confession, that's how you get a link that becomes weak in the chain.

Because here's the same deal. If I'm doing that stuff on the side, and then I'm wanting to pray for someone and speak to cancer and have that cancer shrivel up and die, which one does the enemy believe? Which one? My gossip? Or speaking to cancer? And then you're wondering why there's no power. And so my thing is, maybe if we begin to think about what we're saying and have some consistency in what we're saying, our words would have some power. If I'm going off at my husband in this sense and then saying I love you, which one is he gonna believe? Because over time, he's not gonna know which one to believe. If I am that inconsistent with my kids, I'm going off the handle in one second, and the next second mommy loves you, you can always trust mommy, you're wondering why? That's how, I wonder if Jesus goes, you know what? That link's pretty weak. Which one am I gonna believe now?

So we're gonna cast out some demons, heal the sick, or tell that person they're a loser or gossip. Which one of those words do you want me to have power in, Chris? Where do you want my power to work? And so it's about time we as Christians begin to remember that there's life and death over the tongue. You know I've got a couple of scriptures every year, and one of them for this year for me, it's a big one. Psalm 141 verse three, it says, and I'm like God, you're gonna have to set a guard. You're gonna have to set a guard.

And I remember very early on in my ministry, Joyce Meyers, my spiritual mother and she said to me, Christine, I want you to remember, don't pray for God to grow your ministry too quickly, because with as many people as you can help with your mouth, you can hurt with your mouth. So be very, very, you know how many times I have prayed for a crop failure? I'm like oh God, no can we bring those words back, can we have a crop failure on those words? And so, let's get better at not wavering. Let's get better at not wavering with our confession. Let's get better at saying what we mean and mean what we say and some of the things, how about we just don't say them? How bout we just take them to God? You know that doubt and negativity will die unborn if it's never spoken? How about we begin to think about the power of life and death that is in our tongue.

It would change our friendships, it would change our workplaces, it would change our social environment, it would change our relationship with our spouses, it would change our relationship with our kids. How about we decide that Jesus is God, and he is gonna be this anchor that we are connected to, and our feelings are not God. We live in the world of the cult of feelings. If I feel it, I'm gonna say it. Just 'cause you feel it, doesn't mean it's true. It might be real, but it's not true. God's word is truth. The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of the Lord will remain forever. Your feelings change with every hormonal cycle that you have. So how about we do not make a God out of our feelings, and we allow the word to be our dictator in our life and that's what keeps us anchored to Jesus. Let us hold fast unswervingly to the confession of our hope, Jesus Christ. Let me pray for you today in Jesus' name. Amen. Amen and amen.

So Father I thank you, for your word. Father, I thank you, truly that you have given us the gift of the power of life and death in our tongues. And Father, we wanna be a people that speak hope and life and liberty and mercy and compassion and grace and justice and truth and peace and love and loving kindness into our circumstances. We don't want to be advocates of hate and discord and division and strife and anger. So Father, I pray in the name of Jesus, that we will truly, every single one of us know what it is to set a guard, oh Lord over our mouths. Keep watch over the door of our lips so that our words would bring great glory to you, I pray, in Jesus' name. Amen, amen, amen, God bless you all.

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