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2021 online sermons » Christine Caine » Christine Caine - You Came Out To Go In

Christine Caine - You Came Out To Go In

Christine Caine - You Came Out To Go In

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Christine Caine - You Came Out To Go In

Hi, this is Christine Caine, I am so exited to be with you today. I'm speaking about one of my absolute favorite subjects it's called: You Came Out To Go In. So many Christians come out of bondage, come out of slavery, come out of Egypt, but then settle 40 years in the wilderness, delivered but never free in the Promise Land. Today, we are going to find out how God wants you to be not only delivered, but free, so that you can fulfill your God-given purpose and your God-given destiny. I sure hope that you are on the phone calling one of your friends right now to make sure they're watching this program or pushing the DVR button, I know that this is going to help you to f ind your freedom.

I'm so hungry for the Lord to literally activate women to step into their God given purpose and potential. And our world is so dark, we need salt and light in our world. And so, I stayed in women's, I stayed in youth ministry for 15 years full time because I never wanted to graduate to women's miseries. I used to go to those chick events and think, "I don't want to be depressed and cry". I know Jesus loves me, that's awesome, but at some point I want someone to tell me that my life can actually matter here on earth.

So the Lord spoke to me out of Matthew 9, where Jesus was saying, that the harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few, therefore, you know, he only once told us how to pray in the Lord's prayer. He said, this is how you pray, "Our father who art in heaven". And then he only ever once told us what to pray and he said, "This is what you pray. Pray to the Lord of the harvests to send forth laborers into the harvest". That word send forth in the Greek means, which means to propel, to propel. So if you're wondering what you're doing here, this is all a propel activate events are all about activating that God potential on the inside of you and to propel you to be salt and light in your world that we can expand the Kingdom of God on our earth and see God's life and light and hope and mercy come.

So, we are sure glad that you all came and we have had a ball. What you will find is we are chicks and so these are power packed days because no one's got time to waste. So we honor your time so much and you will go, "You're going to get all that done in a day"? Absolutely, we enter in the words. There's just so much diversity, intentionally in what you're going to see today because we pray that by the spirit everyone will be ministered to and activated and that's really our goal, to activate you to do that. We're going to dive right into the word. You're going to have to listen fast, I'm booth Greek and a woman, so I only speak three ways: hard, fast, and continuously. So, you will not fall asleep.

I truly believe that God has called us on purpose for a purpose and we're living in such pivotal times on the earth that God is awakening us all over again to what our purpose is here on the planet. Today I want to speak to you on the subject that You Came Out To Go In. I want you to turn to the woman next to you and say, "Don't forget, you came out to go in, you came out to go in, that's it". Turn to the woman on the other side and say, "Don't get stuck, you got to go in". Don't get stuck.

We're going to go to the book of Deuteronomy 6. The Bible says, "In the future when your son asks you, what is the meaning of the stipulations, decrees and laws the Lord our God has commanded you? Tell him, we were slaves of Pharaoh in Egypt, but the Lord brought us out of Egypt with a mighty hand. Before our eyes the Lord sent signs and wonders, great and terrible, on Egypt and Pharaoh and his whole household, but he brought us out from there to bring us in, to give us the land he promised on oath to our ancestors".

I love this because Moses is reminding the children of Israel that God brought them out of 430 years of bondage, of slavery, of captivity. He brought them out for a purpose. He brought them out to take them into the Promise Land of Canaan, that they might possess the promise God has for them. This whole chapter in Deuteronomy 6 is all about reminding the children of Israel to obey God, to serve God, to go in and possess the promises of God. And you go, why would Moses need to remind them? Why am I here today? Reminding us that God has called us out to go in. Because what happened along the journey from out to in, a whole generation got stuck and never went in.

And I have such an urgency in my spirit for our generation that we don't end up getting stuck in the wilderness doing laps around mount Sinai for 40 years, getting stuck and staying where we were only meant to pass through to go in and possess. In Deuteronomy 1:1-3, just go back five chapters. The Bible says, "These are the words Moses spoke to all Israel in the wilderness east of the Jordan, that is the Arabah, opposite Suph, between Paran and Tophel, Laban, Hazeroth, and Dizahab". Say that really quick. And if you've never spoken in tongues, that'll happen right there, that's it. "In the 40th year on the first day of the 11th month, Moses proclaimed to the Israelites all that the Lord had commanded him concerning them".

Let's just pause. It is an 11 day journey. Next verse, "In the 40th year". You all I don't know if you've failed or passed math, but wherever you are on the spectrum, I want you to know that there is a slight disparity between 11 days and 40 years. Many of us are taking 40 years to get over what should only take us 11 days to get over. Many of us are camping in the wilderness, stuck in the wilderness, and we've forgotten that God has called us on into victory into Canaan. The children of Israel came out of 430 years of slavery, there was a wilderness, there was an 11 day journey. There is always a wilderness. When they cam out of Egypt they stepped into the wilderness for 11 days because although they came out of Egypt, the had been in slavery for generations.

When you've been in slavery for generations, you think like a slave, you act like a slave, you talk like a slave, everything about your mentality is a slavery mentality. So although they came out of Egypt, God needed to get Egypt out of them. And so, what happens is 11 days is for Egypt to come out of them, except they got stuck. They got stuck, Egypt never came out of them. Although they came out of Egypt, they confused being delivered in the wilderness with being free in the Promise Land.

And what we have is a generation of Christians that are confusing deliverance with freedom. We think because we've been saved and delivered from our past, that's it, and we just wait until we die. And I just have to live with my brokenness, I just have to live with my suffering, I just have to live with my defeat. And God says, no, I didn't call you out to live defeated in the wilderness. I called you out for victory in the Promise Land. I called you to live an abundant and overcoming Christian life in the Promise Land.

See, they were murmuring, grumbling, and complaining. I've told my daughters, almost the first phrases I taught them from when they were born. If they ever complained, if they were here they would tell you this. That I would say to Sophia, if she would complain about anything, I'd go Sophia, what happened to the children of Israel? Because they murmured, grumbled, and complained. She like rolled her eyes, she'd go, "They died mommy". And so, what happens Sophia to people who murmur, grumble, and complain? "Mommy, don't say we're going to die".

But I knew from a very young age that I needed to teach them the language of victory. I needed to teach them that although we are sinners saved by grace, we are no longer those pieces because we've become a brand new creation in Christ Jesus: which means we think different, we talk different, we act different, we live from victory not for victory, 'cause Jesus has already attained the victory at Calvary and so we need a generation of Christians who know who we are in Christ. Who know what we have in Christ, who know what we can do in Christ, and who are committed to kicking some serious devil butt in the planet with the authority that we have in Christ, that's what we need, that's what we need.

Can you turn to the lady next to you and say, "What is that in the original Greek"? When the children of Israel came out of slavery, Exodus 15 tells us that they were singing, "I will sing to the Lord". And some of you might remember this. "I will sing to the Lord for he is highly exalted both horse and driver he is holding to the sea". I'm old enough that I could actually begin to sing those old songs from scripture and song about the horse and rider is holding to the sea. Anyways, some of you is like, "What is that"? But here's the point, they came out of Egypt and they were, because that's what we do when we're first saved.

Look what God did, I mean he parted to Red Sea, he made a way. I mean they were victorious, they were so happy, God was awesome, God had done signs and wonders and miracles, he parted the Red Sea, the Egyptian army had drowned, they were just in victory. They loved God, it was awesome, and then about a month later, that's all it took. They hit their first obstacle. They hit their first obstacle and it is amazing how quickly we can forget how great our God is. We can forget that he's capable of miracles. The Bible tells us in chapter 15, verse 22, we've just had this great song of victory, this great song of rejoicing.

Verse 22, "Then Moses led Israel from the Red Sea and they went into the desert of Shur for three days they traveled in the dessert without finding water. When they came to Marah, they could not drink its water because it was biter, so the people grumbled against Moses". And said, "What are we to drink"? I mean the same people that had just been celebrating because God had parted the Red Seas, suddenly this same God couldn't bring them water. I wonder where you were rejoicing about the miracle working power of God last year and this year you think the same God that parted an entire sea couldn't even bring you a cup of water. That somewhere you got stuck in your doubt, in your bitterness, in your anger, and there were days when you used to rejoice because God was so miraculous, it was so awesome, but now we've got to rationalize him.

Now, the same God that once parted the Red Sea, he is not capable of bring water. Christine, don't get people's hopes up, don't you go making people think that there's faith. Let's just accept our limitations, let's just accept that one day back then God was able to part a Red Sea, but now he couldn't bring water. And what I want to do is start to generate faith again.

I wonder in your life where you started murmuring, grumbling, and complaining, even if it was internally. And you ended up stuck. So immediately, they were put to the test to see if they would trust this same God. Now, have you ever noticed that when you're taking a test, the week before the test, the teacher is giving you all of the instructions, you're doing all of the revision, but the minute the teacher hands the test to you, the teacher stops talking.

See, we think God has forsaken us because God has stopped talking during the test because he wants to see how we're going to answer the test. Some of you, you think God has forgotten you and that God is silent and the God has forsaken you, but he says, no, you're in a test, and I am just going to see what comes out of your mouth as you answer this test, that's all I'm waiting to see. What is truly in you will only ever be revealed in a wilderness when you don't get what you want when you want or how you want. When I'm waiting to see, whether it's my children, my team, my staff, oh I just wait. It's never when they're getting what they want that I'm looking to see how happy they are because of course they're going to be happy.

I'm waiting to see when you didn't get what you wanted, how you wanted, when you wanted, let me see what's really in you then. That's going to tell me a whole lot more about where your heart's really at then anything else. God's saying I'm giving you a heart check up and all you're doing is murmuring, grumbling, and complaining. And I'm sending you to Orlando and I'm sending you to propel to remind you that you're in the middle of a test. So the word of the Lord to you would be, shutteth uppeth. Stop complainingith in Old King Jamithith Englishith. Because until your mouth can come into alignment with what God says, how about you say nothing.

See, we live in a generation that thinks, I'm just telling my opinion. I'm like, you are entitled to your opinion, keep it to yourself. You do not need to blog it, you do not need to tweet it, you do not need to Instagram it, you do not need to Facebook it. How about you just say what God says and keep your opinion to yourself, keep your fear to yourself, keep your doubt to yourself, keep your murmuring to yourself, keep your grumbling to yourself. A whole generation died in the wilderness because of murmuring, grumbling, and complaining. Why don't we get a clue? And instead of speaking negativity, fear, and doubt, why don't we begin to declare and decree, faith and the promises of God and the hope of God and the goodness of our wonderful, wonderful God.

So, they got stuck in the wilderness. See, what happens with us is as soon as we confront the first struggle, see, the Red Sea, God parted it for them. So they thought that's how it's going to be the whole route. And God says, just because I parted a Red Sea for you doesn't mean now I don't want you to fight the good fight of faith for your next step. See, there's a little bit of a thing floating around Christendom right now: which is just pull back. You know, just be present in the moment, let's all be Zen Buddhists. Let's all just be calm and let's all just accept where we're at, just accept that that's what you have to live with, that's sin, that's sickness, oh no let's not call it sin, I wouldn't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. Okay, so let's just all just accept.

And I'm like, what? What Bible are you reading? He rose again from the dead so that I could go into the Promise Land and possess the promises of God, that's what he came for. And so, somewhere along the line a generation forgot that they were fighting a good fight of faith. They thought God was just going to keep parting Red Seas. He says, no, no, no, you're going to have you're going to go into Canaan, but there's 31 kings you're going to have to defeat and what you don't understand is that your victory is in those giants that you're going to defeat. You're waiting for God to do something, when God says I'm waiting for you to get up and start fighting again. To get up and go in and fight the good fight of faith.

And so, what happened was they just accepted this is it. I don't like it, God, you're not bringing me water. You're just not making my life easy anymore, I'm just going to settle, they ended up settling in a place that they were just meant to pass through. Some of you have gotten stuck in a place that you were just meant to pass through. There is always a wilderness, God did not expect you to set up a tent there for your whole Christian life. Well, I'm just setting up a tent, and here I am. And God is saying, no, no, there's a Promise Land, there's Canaan, there's Canaan. Your strength does not come from yielding. Your strength comes from getting, overcoming. And what we need is an overcoming, victorious mind set back into our Christianity. Instead of just this defeated, negative, well this is just how I am.

Look, I love personality profiles and test, but there's another part of me that deplores them because so many of us, we just put out, that's my box, that's where I am on the Enneagram. That's where I am on the disc profile. That's not my strength finder, no that's just not my love language. And I'm like, look these things are a great guide, but listen what my goal is, is to be conformed and to be transformed to the image of Christ, I'm going from faith to faith, from strength to strength, from glory to glory, I'm being daily conformed and being transformed to the image of Christ, just because I've got certain personality attributes doesn't mean I have to be stuck there, I want to become more like Jesus. I want to be sanctified through and through and become like Jesus Christ. I do not want to become the best version of me. That's like terrible, I want to become the best version of me in Christ that I could be, that's who I want to be, that's who I want to be.

If I hear one person say to me, "No, that's just not the best version of me". I'm like, "Are you kidding me"? It's no longer I that lives, but it's Christ that lives in me, I thought I was dead. Whatever happened to this kind of Christianity, does anyone still preach this stuff anymore? It is no longer I that lives, but Christ that lives in me. I am crucifying my flesh, so that I can become who I am in Christ. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus and I want to become more like Jesus, and less of me and more of him, then I will live an overcoming victorious Christian life that he has called me to life. But that means you got to crucify your flesh. Ouch, I don't like to do that.

Christine, God just wants me to be comfortable. You're just bumming me out now, Chris. You were so funny a minute ago, but now... What do you mean I just can't be this broken, this is just me, can't you just love me and accept me? Can't I just, I'm like, "What planet are you on"? What Bible are you reading? I'm so full of love and grace and mercy, but Jesus never said to anyone, stay as you are. There are verses in the Bible that say, "Go and sin no more". Oh, you mean Jesus loved and forgave them, and also told them, don't do it again. Oh, you mean he didn't say, love and forgiveness, and just stay as you are, and keep following me around, doing what you were doing. I'm like, why are people only reading half the Bible at the moment? Why are people not finishing the sentence? God called us out to take us in. None of this was in my notes, it's your fault. So you have to fight for it.

Deuteronomy 2:31, I love this scripture. At the foundation, many of you know my background, you know that I was abused, I was left in a hospital, unnamed and unwanted, I was so broken, I did not need anyone to say to me, "Stay in your brokenness, honey". All that unforgiveness, that bitterness, that rejection, all of that sexual brokenness, you just live with it Christine. Thank God I had people that said, "Oh no, God's got something better". God can redeem your past and give you a brand new future. God actually, Christine, can heal you and make you whole. Christine we still really believe that God can heal you. That God can transform you. Whatever happened to a theology that believes in transformation. That God can actually change us, transform us, make us more like him.

We don't have to live in the wilderness defeated and go, "Well, at least I'm not in Egypt anymore, but man, this sand tastes awesome". And God says, I've got a Canaan for you, I've got a Promise Land for you, I've got victory for you, I've got healing for you, I've got health for you, I've got wholeness for you, I have got abundance for you. Christine, scripture and verse John 10:10, "I did not come that you might have life in the wilderness". Eating sand. I came that you might have life, zoe, and life more abundant. We serve a God that doesn't just do barely enough. He does exceedingly, abundantly, above and beyond anything that we could ever ask, hope, or think. My Bible says that my eye has not seen, my ear has not heard, nor has it entered into my heart the things that God has for those that love him.

There is so much more ahead in Canaan for you. There is a Canaan Promise Land for you. There is Canaan promise living for you, don't settle for a wilderness when you can have a Promised Land in your life, in every area of your life. Some of you have said, "Oh well, this is just where my marriage is at". You stopped fighting for more. Well, I'm just going to have to accept this condition, 'cause that's the label they put on me. And you stopped fighting for a breakthrough. Well, you know, this is just my lot in life. Last I checked, he has made my lot to fall in pleasant places.

This is a fight of faith, this is a fight of faith, the devil is after your faith, he wants you to stop going after the things of God so that the world looks at us and goes, "Really, the wilderness"? You think that's anything great? What is going to make a strong testimony to a lost and a dying world is when they look and they go, "Whoa, Chris Caine, you were like abandoned and abused and rejected, and oh my gosh, who are you serving that would not only heal you, but now is using you to turn around and set a generation of slaves free through A-21, what is that God? Who is that God"?
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