Christine Caine — Crossing the Red Sea

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You know, I've got Amazon prime. And as if Amazon prime is not fast enough, I've got Amazon now. I want it now, and that's how it kind of works. There is no such thing as patience because we just have everything now and so that's how we think our destiny's gonna be. But that's not how it is with God. It's not like you can walk into a careers center and say, can you just track out my purpose for me, God? What is the best path to me fulfilling my destiny? God says, oh, no, it's not gonna be the best. It's actually gonna be the best, but not in the best the way that you think it's gonna be the best. It's like when your mother looks at you and says, this hurts me more than it hurts you, you know? And we all know this is not true. This is not true.

It's time to see the chains fall off and the walls fall down. It's time to be set free. What is it that's holding you back from your destiny? An addiction, fear, hopelessness, confining circumstances? Well, today, it's time for an Exodus. You are not meant to feel trapped. You are meant to walk in freedom. I'm Christine Caine and I have a personal mission to equip and empower people like you to connect with your God-given purpose and potential. I am so glad that you're joining us today. Let's dive right in.
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  1. Terence Govender
    25 January 2019 11:53
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    please send notes on crossing the RED Sea