Christine Caine — A Life Interrupted

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You're just sitting here, watching this program today? You're going, man, I'm just kind of eating my popcorn, and drinking my coke, and I'm flicking through the channels, and I've got this crazy Australian lady on the screen telling me that God wants to do extraordinary things in my life. Absolutely, and you're probably thinking, I'm so ordinary, there's nothing unusual about me, I am just so normal, but I'm here to tell you today that God has chosen an ordinary person just like you to do something extraordinary with your life on the planet. That's what our God does. That's how God operates.

What's your story? Were you unwanted? Forgotten? Abandoned? Betrayed? If so, our stories might be more similar than you think, and I want you to know from personal experience that natural limitations do not have to define your possibilities. There is more to your story than where you came from, of what you've walked through.
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