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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston - Rising To The Top, Part 1

Bill Winston - Rising To The Top, Part 1

Bill Winston - Rising To The Top, Part 1
Bill Winston - Rising To The Top, Part 1

God is not waiting on you to do it. He's waiting on you to have confidence that He can do it. Genesis chapter 12, versus two, "I'll make of you a great nation," watch this. "I'll bless you, make your name great and you'll be a blessing. I'm going to bless those that bless you, curse those that curse you and then these shall all," this is important, "all of the earth," be what? "Blessed". Now, look at verse two and look at it in the amplified translation. "I will make of you a great nation. I will bless you with abundant increase of favors and make your name famous and distinguished and you will be a blessing dispensing goods to others".

Now, I don't care where you're at right now. This is where you start at, right here. God says, "I'm going to make your name famous and distinguished". If you can't do, you're not even wanting to do it. What you want to do is let God do whatever He wants to do. Now, how are you going to get into that? Look at Deuteronomy chapter 28, please. This is not something you've got to work for. This has already been worked for. Jesus worked for it. He paid for it. It's yours. Look what He said in verse one, "And it shall come to pass if thou shalt hearken diligently to the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all His commandments which I command thee this day that the Lord thy God will set thee high above all nations of the earth". Say, "I'm going to the top". "And all these blessings shall come on you and what? Overtake you". "These blessings are going to come on you as you hearken to His commandments".

All right, let's look at verse 15. In verse 15, He says, "It shall come to pass, if thou will not hearken to the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe to do all His commandments and statutes which I command you this day that all these," what? "Curses," are going to what? "Come on you," and what? "Overtake you. Cursed shall you be in the city, cursed shall you be in the field," so you can't outrun them. Why? Because the curses were loosed when Adam said. The commandments that Moses gave called the 10 Commandments, that's not the first time God had those commandments on the earth.

All right, let's see what I'm talking about. Let's look at Exodus chapter 20 in verse 3, "Thou shall have no other gods before me," and Exodus chapter 20 in verse 13, "Thou shall not kill". That doesn't mean a soldier on the battlefield. That's talking about murder. You got it? They killed a parson but if you're doing it in combat, if you're fighting a normal combat that is not what that is applied to. If you look it up in the original it says, "Thou, shall not murder". Look at the next one. "Thou shall not commit adultery, thou shall not covet thy neighbor's house and thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife".

Now, why is God giving them this? Cause they have lived among the heathen Egyptians and they have lost track of what's right, come on, and what is holy. They have lost track of what the will of God is for this blessing to work in their life, and they've lost track of it so God's got to go up and get them some commandments again to tell them what's right. Now, let's look at this. What is the end game? The end game it to get the blessing to work again. Let's go to Genesis chapter 39 in verse 7. "And it came to pass after these things that his master's wife cast her eyes upon Joseph and she said, 'Lie with me'". Now, that doesn't need any translation. You know exactly what that means. Am I right about it?

Now, understand what has happened. Joseph had the blessing. Why did he had to move? Cause he couldn't bring forth that anointing in the middle of strife and unbelief so God moved him, and he got him down there to Egypt and now the blessing is begin to manifest. Now, who is he working for? Potiphar, a captain in the Egyptian army, but now he's bringing forth much things for Potiphar. Now, understand he's still a teenager but he's bringing forth manifested produce. He's ranching, and he never went to ranch management school, come on, cause the blessing makes you proficient. Now Potiphar's prospering. Potiphar put him over everything.

Now watch this. "But he refused and said unto his master's wife, 'Behold, my master, what is not what is with me in the house and he hath committed all that he has into my hands. There is nothing greater in the house than I neither has he kept back anything from me but thee because thou art his wife. How then can I do this great wickedness and sin against Mr. Potiphar?'" No, that's not what he said, did he? His name is not even in here. He got that blessing on his mind more than this Ms. Potiphar. Come on, let's keep going. "And it came to pass, as she's spaken to Joseph day by day and he hearken not unto her, to lie by her or to be with her, and it came to pass about this time that Joseph went into the house to do business and there was none of the men of the house there within. And she caught him by his garment saying, 'Lie with me,' and he left his garment in her hand and fled and got out".

What's happening? That if he gets into adultery, it stops the blessing from functioning. I'm telling you, that blessing is so valuable, it will take you to the top of anything. Now, watch this now. This is God. He said, "Thou shalt not commit adultery". Didn't He say that? All right, let me give you the point that God is a God of love. Say, "God is a God of love". In I John, chapter 4 verse 7 and 8 he said, "Beloved, let us love one another for love is of God and everyone that loveth is born of God and knows God," keep going. "He that loveth not, knoweth not God for God is," who? "God is love," so a God of love wrote the 10 Commandments.

Now, here's the way the God of love meant for you to interpret it. He meant for you to say this, "If you want a woman, if you want a wife, ask me and I'll give you the desires of your heart. Don't try to take somebody elses wife. If you want a wife, ask me," watch this, "And I'll give you a woman, the best woman around. I'll give you a woman," I'm going to put it in Bill Winston's, "So fine that you won't need to look at another woman for the rest of your life".

Now, come on back up here because she said, verse 5 and he said this, "And it came to pass from that time that he," Potiphar, "Had made him overseer of his house and of all that he had that the Lord bless the Egyptian's house," for whose sake? For Joseph's sake, "And the blessing of the Lord was upon all that he had in the house and in the field and he left all that he had," in whose hand? "Joseph's hand and he knew not ought that he had saved the bread which he did eat and Joseph was a goodly person and well-favored," so he didn't even check whether Joseph was stealing or not. You see what I'm saying? You see, the enemy knows that if you start stealing, then the blessing will start cutting off. No, you better hear what I'm saying. I'm just saying, you don't have to steal nothing.

Listen, if you want something, you go to a God of love and you don't have to steal it. God is saying, "Come to me and I will give you any abundance that you need and every good thing that you will ever desire. You don't need to cheat on income tax. You don't need to steal nothing from that job. You come to me and I'll take care of you. Now if you do that, the blessing will continue to function and take you to the top of your community, the top of your city and the top of the world"!

Deuteronomy 28 is about the blessing and the curses and the reason why He gave them this commandments is because they had mixed so much until their culture was almost like the Egyptians. God saying, "Hey, wait a minute. I don't want you to act like that because if you act like that, the blessing will stop working for you and the next thing you know you're wondering why you're getting behind, why you're still broke, why you're this and that". Well, stop stealing. Come on. No, I'm talking to somebody here. I'm talking to somebody. I'm not saying you're a thief. I'm just saying that was a culture we came out of. "Just take a little bit. They ain't going to know it. Just take a little," that's the culture we came out of. "Man, cheat on the income tax, who don't cheat"? Well, God doesn't cheat. He doesn't have to cheat. Say, "Amen" to that!

Now, here's the deal. We just want to keep that blessing operating. Say, "Amen" to that because God's going to make millionaires and billionaires, watch this, out of people in the sound of my voice. God's going to make millionaires and billionaires out of people, come on, in the sound of my voice. Now, I'm saying that God now is going to create the conditions of the garden of Eden in their lives and that's what He's after, not just land, not just property but He wants a whole culture to be a shifted because the culture, if they don't have that shift, will go further into darkness and God loves people. Say, "Amen" to that.

God not only guarantees a life time of prosperity, this is a blessing, guarantees a lifetime of prosperity, but He makes provision for generational prosperity. Now the first word I used in there should've caught your attention is "guarantees". When you embrace the blessing, you are guaranteed prosperity for a life time and He has made provisions also for generational prosperity. Say, "Amen" to this. That's why Israel is enjoying it today, but now you are spiritual Israel. Say, "Amen" to this.

All right, so in Genesis chapter 25 in verse 5 again, he says, "And Abraham gave all that he had to," who? "Isaac," so he's passing it on to the next what? Generation. All right, let's go further. Look at Proverbs chapter 13 in verse 22. Proverbs 13:22, "A good man leaves an inheritance to his children's children and the wealth of the," who? "Sinner is laid up for the just". What about saying, "If you mess up, fess up". Say, "God, listen. Forgive me Lord". Alright and so forth, and the Bible says He'll forgive you. You don't have to turn your back on Him. He knows what you came out of. He's trying to work with you. Thank God He's long-suffering. If He wasn't long-suffering, I don't know where I'd be, but you got a God of love here. You don't have a God of hate. Listen, He's going to work with you and get you to where He wants you to be.

All right, now so what happened to Job? If you go back and look at the book of Job, glory to God, you with me? In verse nine, "And Satan answered Job and said, 'Does God feared Job for nothing? Had not made a hedge about him and about his house and about all that he have on every side, thou has," what? "Blessed the work of his hands and his," what? "Substance is increased in the land," so that blessing is going to increase you. Say, "The blessing is increasing me. Right now it is enabling me to get to do the things that I must do. It's enabling me to be delivered from anything that's harassing me. The blessing of the Lord is on my life. And if I go to a hard place, I'm going to turn it into the garden of Eden with the blessing that's on my life. In the name of Jesus".

All right, so notice the blessing is on him and he got all of this livestock and everything. The Bible says he was the richest man. No, but if I go to Job, chapter 41, over in Job, chapter 41 it tells me that now after Job had lost everything that now God returned it to him. Look at verse 10, "And the Lord turned the captivity of Job when he did," what? "Prayed for his friend and the Lord gave Job," how much? "Twice as much as he had before". Look at verse 12, "And the Lord," what? "And the Lord," what? "Blessed the latter end of Job more than the beginning". I'm here to tell you right now that you're about to get a manifested blessing.

Now, I have preached this for a while and now it's time for manifestation. I said, I have preached this for a while, it is now time for manifestation. Not only is it going to manifest in your life but it's going to start giving you enough to pass on to the next generation so whatever is going to come on your life is going to be permanent with no loss. Say, "Amen" to that. It's going to guarantee, this blessing, is going to guarantee that whatever mission you're on, you're going to fulfill that mission. This blessing is your guarantee. Say, "It's my guarantee of a life time of prosperity". Now, I'm telling you right now Job's kids got killed because of one reason. Job dropped his faith in that blessing. He began to fear and began to let stuff come out of his mouth that is not supposed to come out of his mouth and I'm telling you, no matter how bad it got, you didn't see Joseph...

Well, look at it. Look at it. I'm closing right now. Look in Genesis chapter 40. It said, "And Joseph came unto them in the morning and looked upon them, and behold, they were sad". He asked Pharaoh's officers, he said to them, at the wards house, he said, "Why are you so sad today"? Now, all y'all in prison and you're asking them why are they sad. Now, this is interesting because notice the attitude that he carried even though he was in prison. He carried a rejoicing attitude and I'm saying if you know you coming out, why you going to get sad? Come on, you got to hear me now. If you know that Satan cannot stop you, why are you going to get upset when something happens?

See, it's a trick of the enemy to get your mouth waging the wrong way because he knows that death and life are in the power of the tongue, but Job didn't stay with what God said. Look, he said, "Teach me and I'll do," what? "Hold my tongue. Now, cause me to understand where," what? "I erred". Look at the verse, Deuteronomy 30:19. Look at this verse. What's this verse in compared with what happened to Job? Check it out. "I call heaven and earth to record this day against you that I have set before you," what? "Life," come on. "And death," keep going. "Blessing and cursing. Therefore, choose life that both you and your seed are going to live". All Job's kids got killed because Job wagging his mouth.

Now understand, he didn't know something. He was ignorant of something and Satan has trapped all of us because we were ignorant of something, but now I'm giving you information that you you'll never be ignorant another day about the devil. I'm saying, when you get in your worst situation, rejoice. When they start talking about you and running you down, listen, if you, guaranteed, if you come from today and where you are today, let's say you got a $50,000 job and next month, if you get 3 million dollars and 5 million dollars, you have just jumped up, you have just so forth, watch somebody get jealous. Watch somebody get envious, especially when you don't give them none of that.

Check it out, and when they do it's only because you're tormenting the devil. He's sending them to you to get you to wag because he can't stop the blessing so I'm saying God is about to do something big for you. Now, as He is doing it, keep your mouth right. Say, "Amen". Stay out of somebody elses bedroom, come on. Say, "Amen". Come on, don't steal from the man at the job. Say, "Amen". And if you do mess up, fess up and keep getting up. Glory to God! Whoo. I'm about to say right now as I wave my hand, I'm waving my hand for millionaires and billionaires right here, in here. I'm telling you, it's not about black or white. It's about justice that the church should come into this because we have the seed of Abraham!
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