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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Bill Winston » Bill Winston - God's Protection in Troubled Times

Bill Winston - God's Protection in Troubled Times

Bill Winston - God's Protection in Troubled Times
Bill Winston - God's Protection in Troubled Times
TOPICS: Protection, Troubles, Hard times, Security

Here's Jacob, and he worked for a man named Laban. Laban is deceiving him now, he's deceiving him. See, anybody on that system can be deceived. And so he's on the system. What I'm saying is this, I'm saying that he forgets about his covenant and now he's working for Laban and he said, appoint me that wages and I'll give it, cause he told Laban I like to leave and go back to my father. He said, well just tell me what you want me to pay you. Praise God.

And he said unto him, you know how I have served you and how thy cattle was with me for was little, which I had before I came. You had before I came and now it's increased into a multitude and the Lord has blessed you since my coming. Now when shall I provide for my own house also? Okay? And he said, what shall I give you? And Jacob said, don't give me a thing. Here's what you do. If you will do this thing for me, then I'll again feed and keep your flock. And he made a deal with him. He's what I want you to do, he said, if any animals come out spot and speckled, and striped they're mine. Everything come out plane is yours. Laban said, well, I got him now, I got it.

But the biggest reason for poverty is an absence of self production. And what happens is God has made you to produce, under what normally are impossible situations. Say I'm a producer. That here is God, he gives Jacob a dream and when he gives him that dream, he shows him all the livestock coming out spotted, speckled, and striped. Then Jacob believes it because a dream is a way of transforming what we believe, and God said, if you can believe what? All things are possible, so a dream, and that's when Joseph had the dream. Look how it transformed him.

Now Jacob is having a dream, boom it transformed him. Next thing you know, he goes and get some sticks and then carves little places in the bark of the thing, puts the sticks before the watering trough. Every time the beast would come up with animals they would want to mate, and it come out with spots, speckles, and stripes. Now notice that how God can give you an idea. Watch this, and not have you earn wealth because he'd been doing that for 20 years.

Now he's creating wealth. Oh boy. Oh boy. We dipping into something right now. When I tell you, you can be a millionaire by December 31st, 2020 don't think earn it. You're an ambassador, you're not earning nothing. You are a joint heir with the wealthiest common wealth that's existed to the universe. Your job is to produce it. Come on now. Your job isn't don't tell me what God can't do, because that's what he's showing with Jesus. Jesus is showing himself productive. Hey Jesus, we want ran out of wine. He said, no problem. Get some water. Fill this up and so forth. Dip it out. Take it to on. Boom. Water turned to wine.

So production. Hey Jesus, we're up here on the mountain side. Jesus had feed them. He said, how are we going to feed them? We don't have anything. Well that's a little boy here, now he has two fish and five loaves. Jesus said, that's enough. Bring that to me. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. Not only did he feed him, he feed them till everybody was full. Watch this, and then he said, take up the fragment that nothing be lost. Now what do you think the 12 baskets went to? The little boy because he was doing self production. See he listened. Lord, see, I want you to come on up with me, because the reason why people are hurting, begging, migrating, so forth it's because they're not using the facility of fruitfulness that God has put in every person.

Listen, the world is using it. Many people in the world, the church can use it, but I want you to understand that the church is going to use it on a completely different level. See, the world has incremental innovation. That means that just studying it and it gets trial and error and so far they're doing a little bit more, but you're going to have disruptive innovation. You're going to be 10 times better. And by the time they're trying to catch up with you, you're going to be 10 times better again.

We got a man coming here, that's why I want you to come. It's name is Richard Montanez. He's coming. He was a janitor. It was mopping the floor. God gave him an idea. Now he's one of the chief executives at PepsiCo. He don't have all this education. He said, but pastor, I spoken at Harvard, I spoke why? Self production. See it's not so much of how much sense knowledge you got, it's how much grace knowledge you got. Man I'm preaching pretty strong right now.

See, when I tell you that about me, I want you to know, that's not trying to get you to get money. I'm trying to get you to get into a position where you got influence. Nobody listens to a poor man, it's in the book. So God can't want you poor, he's gotta want you to have some kind of Moolah. It's not how many jobs you got, it's not how much are they paying you. Because if you're on the wrong side and you're still leaning on a system of this world, Satan can deceive you every way, but Sunday. You get a raise, he'll do something else to snatch that away, get another raise, he'll do something else to try to snatch that away because he's a deceiver. The way Jesus caught him is through discernment. Lord have mercy. There is a lad here.

Notice the disciples didn't catch it because they're as carnal as a goat. They didn't catch that because they're still in the flesh, but Jesus said, that's enough. Bring it here. All I need is two fish and five loaves to get this production center working. And then after they fed everybody, watch this, until they were all filled so he's eradicating poverty. And then he said, take up the fragments now that nothing be lost. I'm sure the disciples, looked at each other. Fragments? Fragments? There were fragments out there? Then they went out there and collected 12 baskets. So you got to discern the seed and discern your harvest.

Some people say, I've been sowing for years and ain't got nothing. That's cause you need to come out of this carnal thinking and sensory oriented methodology. Lord, have mercy. Come on over to discernment. Every time you can't violate the principle of sowing and reaping, you cannot make it not work. That stuff came in and it passed by and you couldn't catch it. But this 2020 is a new vision. You're going to see stuff that you never seen before. Say amen to that. Oh I'm preaching hard. No, you're a producer. Say amen. God is not sending you somewhere without what it takes to do what he's called you to do. You're working at that job, thank God, but the biggest reason you work in there is to bless them.

See, God got on me about that. He said, son, I'm not giving you a bunch of people so that you can think that's your source. He said, I can meet your needs with 12 folks. I can send you all over the world a million times with 12 people. So don't be putting no pressure on them. Just teach them cause you're sowing seed. Look at the harvest, I'm sowing seed. Next thing I know I said, Lord, I got to get this harvest. I want to get this- you know people coming to harvest our restaurant, we've go good food and everything. Do you agree there's good food in here? I said, man, I sowed that one seed they had locked the door. People trying to get in the door because they couldn't get anybody else in. It was full of capacity. We can get in. They knocking on the door. Why? Why? I'm just saying, come on now.

As an ambassador, the provisions are already there. My way of transferring them is through seed. When you're doing it, seed time and harvest. When you're doing it that way, you're doing it by a covenant. Say covenant. You're doing it by covenant and when you're doing it by covenant, no drought can stop a covenant from working. Come on. No downturn in the economy can stop a covenant for working. Watch this. No enemy can stop your covenant from working. See, the covenant's got to work. Isn't that good? This enemy wants people not to leave his system and he does it many times by threat. If you tithe, you will go broke. This is what he's telling people in their mind, see he tell him that it's threatening you.

See, when you read it in the Bible and he gives you something else in your thinking, go with the Bible go down in your pocket book and get that money out there and watch this. Go with radical sowing. That woman didn't have a tumor. Did she? It didn't say she put it in that bucket. What did it say? She threw it, see you gotta do that because Satan see the warfare... Lord have mercy. Can I say this? The warfare is in choices. That's why your warfare has got to be, and that enemy got a system here that is trying to make it so you think you can't get anything except through his system. So he picks up companies that are big enough, that hold all the money and keeps getting money, keeps getting money and so forth.

So the saints of God would have to come to him. But you have a higher authority. You serve a God that shall provide. You got what I'm saying? I'm saying if they don't have anything in the world that can heal you. You could come to the elder of a church. He'll anoint you with oil whatever you got. Open the book of Matthew, I think it's chapter 12 it says, Jesus healed them all. Here it is right here. But when Jesus knew it, he withdrew himself from thence and great multitude followed him. He healed them all. What was left after all? It says righteous fruit.

See the enemy wants to sow his fruit. Daniel chapter one again and look at verse five, and a King appointed them a daily provision of the King's meat, and all the wine which he drank. So nourishing them three years that at the end thereof they might stand what? What is that? Before the King. Keep going. Keep going. Now among these were of the children of Judah, Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah got it? Unto whom the princes of the Unix gave names for he gave unto Daniel the name of Belteshazzar, and to Hananiah Shadrach, to Mishael Meshach, and to Azariah Abed-Nego.

Now notice changes their names, because each one of the names that he changed it to is the worship of a false god. And the names that they had was attaching them to the true God. And notice what Daniel, notice what Babylon was after. Babylon was after erasing all traces of the God Jehovah. He, Satan does not change. He is trying to erase all traces of the God of heaven and earth. Take the name or the part of the pledge of allegiance under God. Take that out. Take the Bibles and prayer out of schools. Now notice what he's after. Erase all trace of God. He is using everything from legislation to socialism to erase all trace of your God. And he's also trying to make it so that you or anybody else will believe you're a man of God. That's why he said in second Chronicles chapter 20 verse 20 he said, that believe in the Lord your God, so shall you be established and if you believe your what? Your prophet. What are you going to do? You will prosper.

Look at the Luke chapter four where Jesus stood up and said the Spirit of Lord is upon me because the Lord anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He sent me to heal the broken hearted, preach deliverance to the captive, recover sight to the blind, said to deliver to them that are bruised, and to preach the acceptable year of the Lord. Closed the book and sat down, the eyes of all them in the synagogue fashioned on him. He began to say, this day is this scripture fulfilled in your ear? Then he went on to talk about a woman he's saying, here's the prophet, and he had to go to a woman outside the covenant to get his needs met because the people who should he be going to, they wouldn't believe him.

And I'm telling you right now, it's amazing how the enemy can try the come in and affect the mind of a lot of the people that I'm preaching to every Sunday and I get reports. One lady, don't go here, listen to it every Sunday, bought an apartment building. Now the letter that don't go here in Florida, Mercedes cash debt free. I'm saying, wait a second, what's up here? And I'm saying, the spirit of familiarity or the spirit, come on, or a unbelieving spirit that he just preaching. I'm not just preaching, I'm trying to get God back in your life. Because very subtle. All of a sudden you eat and you don't say the blessing over the food. Or get in a public place and ashamed to say the blessing over it. I'm telling you, the devil is coming after the church. What you gotta do is get bold. You're going to have to say wait a minute. Jehovah is God. Jesus is Lord. Say amen.

God can make you a millionaire in a month. Because it's not earned, it's created and if you believe you'll profit, you will profit. Man oh man. Satan is trying to wipe out all traces of the Bible, tying to make you see it like a, a natural in a story book or whatever have you. Trying to make it wiped out. And there are people that Satan is using that he plants in churches that help unbelief. And I'm telling you those days are over. We're about to get wild for Jesus. I mean on fire man. People going to say you act like a fanatic. I am. He saved me. He delivered me. He filled me with the Holy Ghost. Why shouldn't I shout about it?

Now, you see what Jesus was doing? Jesus was wiping out every trace of the devil. Every trace of him should be wiped out in a church. He healed them all. Every demonic got delivered. It didn't make any difference. Every person to man here in the book of Acts, they said silver and gold have I none but such as I have give I thee in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk. Man jumped up, praise God, watch this, had never walked. Wasn't so much they wanted him to walk because they wanted him to be a producer. They were getting his job back to get his ability, his esteem back. You're here to eradicate what ever the devil has done in people's lives. You are a representative of the Redeemer. Come on, say "I am immune to everything in this world that God has made it so I am protected by Heaven's government. And in the name of Jesus I'm going to finish the work that he's called me to do. In Jesus name". Shout about it.
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