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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston - Radical Faith

Bill Winston - Radical Faith

Bill Winston - Radical Faith
Bill Winston - Radical Faith

For we walk by what? Faith and not by sight. So once we get born again, now faith is coming and this faith enables us to do things. As you saw Jesus, he spoke to a tree and the tree dried up from the where? From the roots. And I'm saying that he was using faith. And if you just look at the scriptures, you'll see that that's all over the scriptures that this faith is what God wants the church to live by. And he said in Romans 10:17, how does faith come? He said, faith, so then faith cometh by hearing and hearing by what? The Word of God. Now, sometimes in churches, unfortunately there is a lack of faith. Faith only comes one way. By hearing and hearing what? The Word of God.

So faith doesn't come by emotion. Faith doesn't come sometimes when people are in churches and so forth, there's a lot of emotion, a lot of sensation. Faith doesn't come by talking about politics and so forth. Faith doesn't even come by people trying to expound theology. You'll see, you'll find that even if you, um, I want to qualify that. I'm just saying that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. Once, once you get the Word of God, for you to get faith, you're going to have to move from inflammation to revelation. And once you move to revelation, faith comes on that level. And so you'll find when revelation decreases so does faith. And so God wants us to go from faith to faith, to faith, to faith. Say amen to that.

All right, now what I'm saying is that many times when we see that there is no manifestation the reason for the most part is because there is no faith being preached. And the apostle Paul said, the word of faith, which we preach, and this word of faith is necessary for you to see the demonstration of faith in the churches that we're in. I like what Bishop David Oyedepo said, he said, that faith if it has no proof, it's a fake. When you hear faith it ignites the spirit, and you have to receive it by faith. Over in Hebrews 11:3, he says, by faith we understand. I said, by faith, we understand. Now if you just stop right there, you can see that faith is not human reason. Faith as a matter of fact, human reason is an enemy of faith. The Bible even talks about Romans, and Romans chapter eight and I think it's verse five.

Let's start right there. For they that are after the flesh do mind the things of the flesh, but they that are after the spirit the things of the spirit, for to be carnally minded is death. But to be spiritually minded is life and peace. Carnally minded is mindful of the senses that we're mindful many times people are looking for some human, something that can feel, touch, taste, so forth and so on, but that's not in the realm of faith. Paul told Timothy in second Timothy chapter four in verse two, he said, preach the word. He said, be instant in season and out of season. Reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine, because he said for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine. Are you with me here?

Now, he knew that when you are preaching faith, you will find that that's when the enemy tries to get involved. He comes to steal that word because he knows that faith will move that mountain for you. And so what you'll find is you'll find that some people, when they hear faith, there is even a tendency to get offended. Look at Matthew 15:12-13, then came his disciples they said unto him, knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended after they heard the saying, but he answered and said into that said, every plant which my heavenly father has not planted shall be what? Rooted up. Now I'm saying that I am a faith preacher. I'm a faith preacher. Now, the thing that the scriptures bring out in Hebrews 13:7, remember them, which have the rule over you who have what? Spoken unto you the Word of God, whose faith what? Follow. That's whose faith you follow.

Now I'm saying you follow their faith. They got to have some evidence that if you gonna follow... now I understand Jesus was producing evidence, but it was offensive to religious leaders. They didn't want it because they knew what it was going to do. See that part of their ministries was built up, some of them on great oratory or traditions of men or whatever have you. But that's not going to distinguish the church. That's not going to distinguish the church. What's going to distinguish the church is going to be some kind of evidence, that something is happening in and through you that's not happening out there. Put up Romans chapter 4 and verse 13, for the promise that he should be the heir of the world was not to Abraham or to a seed to the law, but to the righteousness of faith. Alright.

I want you to take that and put it up there in the amplified translation first. Let's try that. For the promise to Abraham or his posterity that he should inherit how much? World. Did not come through observation of the command of the law, but through the what? Righteousness of faith. All right, put it up there in the new living translation. Clearly God's promised to give the whole earth to Abraham and his descendants was based not on his what? Obedience to God's law, but on the what? A right relationship with God that comes by comes by faith. Now, I'm talking about give the whole earth to Abraham and his seed. I'm saying that the wicked don't own a thing. They're just holding it until the people of God stopped singing them unbelieving songs and wake up the faith that they can take their inheritance.

So I'm saying that to us now that we've got something inside of us and the Satan has worked cleverly trying to keep that from manifesting. And so in the, in the scriptures it talks about the word of faith, which we preach. Here is Jesus cursing the fig tree. Then he saw teaching on faith. Here's Jesus going to the other side. Mark chapter 4 starting at verse 35, and in the middle of here comes a storm. This storm comes and is about to sink this boat and they cried out and said don't you even care? And he gets up, rebukes to wind and says to the sea, peace be still. And what happened? There was a great calm and then he turns to them and said, why are you so fearful? How do you have no faith? Now let me, let me keep going. Can I keep going? You have slept with me, you walk with me, you went in the house, you ate with me, you did all of this.

So you can sleep in the same house as Jesus. Walk with him, talk with him, eat with him, and still not have one ounce of faith. And that's what's happening in the church. Got this big ol' Bible in our lap. In here singing religious songs every Sunday. But where is your faith? Because out there they got things going on out there that we shouldn't be allowing to happen on our watch. Somebody's got to talk about this. A tree producers and that's what we should be doing. I'm saying right there in your own city, right there, what's going on? And we got to come back and regroup. Wait a minute. Now what's going on here? I started in faith, me and my wife was singing, she's playing the guitar, put it up, playing the guitar, and here I was singing with her and then I did the preacher and she took up the offering and counted the money or whatever have you look at this. That's by faith.

See faith sees the future. You can't talk faith out of action cause once you in faith you can see. Didn't bother me. I had two suits, a sport coat and two pair pants and I flipped them around all the time. But you got to first, kind of said, well wait a second, wait, what have I been? Well, I'm just having church here. I'm just, no, no. What, what, what's going on? And we got to look at that. We got to see, wait a minute, there's something not right here. And I'm saying that when you start moving in faith and start accumulating, the Pharisees will arise up against you and that's the way you can kind of know that you're moving forward in faith. Now I'm saying that because you gotta stay in faith. You got to start in faith. You gotta grow in faith and God leaving it up to you to do that. He's now gonna just you know, he's given you that part. Say amen to that.

Now what is radical faith? It is something that will be bring extreme social, economic, and political change. Something that will bring extreme social, economic, and political change. Now, I believe Rosa Parks moved in radical faith. I'm watching what we're doing now, we're able to go into the prison system because of by faith I decreed that we're going to turn prisons into what? Boarding schools. Now, these prisons and the boarding schools will look like things are happening all of a sudden, now we've got it so that the people who are about to be released have the employers come to the detention center. Now, I'm just saying here that when God is using you to walk by faith, do not consult your reason. Do not consult human logic, cause it ain't in there. It is somewhere above that God is going to use you to change some things on the face of this earth and in your city.

And the way we got to do that is we got to put aside this human reason and what we think about it and what so-and-so did that didn't work. What we gotta do is just receive what God said. Romans chapter 8 and verse 14 please. Just stay with me because I'm talking about something I'm talking about we going to get radical. We gotta stop trying to be cute with the gospel because everybody else out there coming out of the closet, you need to come on out too. Whereas many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God, watch this, for you have not received the Spirit of bondage again to fear, but you've received the Spirit of adoption whereby we cry what? Abba father, keep going. The spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are the who? Children of God, and if children, then what? Heirs. Heirs of who? God and joint heirs with who? Christ.

Now how much does Christ own? He's the lawful owner of everything. Then if he's the lawful owner of everything, and you are a joint heir with him, come on, you're a joint heir with him. See, I'm unbelieving this and I want to get radical with it, because the Bible says, put up Psalm chapter 47 in verse 8 please, God reigns over the heathen. What does that mean to me? That means that God will tell the heathen what to do. Come on. He'll tell the heathen to give me that airplane. He'll tell the... I'm talking about radical faith. This man had taken Sarah in Genesis chapter 20 and taken her in his palace and then Abraham just relied on the vengeance of God, because God said, anybody that tries to curse you I'm going to curse him, and he stayed right there in faith.

And the next thing you know in Genesis chapter 20 and verse 3, here is God and he comes to Abimelech in a dream and said, behold you're but a what? Dead man. Keep reading that chapter, you'll see Abimelech start giving Abraham everything he had. I'm saying one of our FMA pastors told me that he was a big drug dealer, drug king pin in Latin America and here he was running everything. This preacher wanted the land and they said, they said the government owned it. He went to the government. But the government knew that the king pins control the government and so they couldn't sell it to him, but he went to seek God. The next thing you know, God moved on the King pin and the King pin called him said, meet me out of this land at 12 midnight. The devil always does business at night. He said, meet me at 12 minutes.

Next thing you know, he met him. He brought one of the deacons out there with him. Reluctantly probably, and he brought him out there and it's a king pin all these SUVs driving up with shotgun, the king pin get out, shaken, shaken. He said, listen. He said, now don't, don't he's, I don't know what you've done, but you're going to have that land and I will give you that land. He said, now all of you... your God called me. I think he said. He called me on my cell phone and nobody has my cell phone number. Now God's got the cell phone of the man that's got your property. I'm only saying for you to be able to take a man up on the roof and tear it open, you going to have to think on another level. Everything in this earth belongs to you if you need it.

Put it up there first Corinthians 3:21, I'm saying I'm going to get radical. I'm going to stop letting the devil run off with my stuff and take what belongs to me while I'm just trying to crowd in a little space and just settle for leftovers. Ain't no more leftovers. I want the new stuff. Now, this is a kind of faith that I'm going to run in from now. Cause I'm going after what God says belongs to me. I'm going to stop sitting in here singing song and letting the devil run off with my property. Say amen. Everybody in the church supposed to be debt free. Debt is not your portion. Say amen.

Look what it says here, therefore, let no man glory in men for all things are who's? They're yours. They're yours. All things are what? Yours. He didn't say just all spiritual things. He said all things, everything that you'll ever need in this life according to life and godliness is already yours. Say amen to that. Now, are you with me? Now I'm saying I didn't come for these three nights just to kind of pet people and just talk about how good God is and all of that. I'm not talking about that. I want to wake up something inside of you that's been sleep. And while you've been asleep the devil's been laughing and running off with what belongs to you. Say amen to that.

Folks, the church is supposed to be the most powerful institution in the world. We supposed to be the ones. So I'm saying to you now we're going to study this faith. We're going to look at what it is and how much of it you got, and then we'll provoke you to use it. Say amen and the violent take it by force. If you want to know the truth that not a single thing in the inventory of what you would need and in this earth that you supposed to pay for. Not a single come on now. Now, I don't care if you don't like the way I'm preaching. But that is the kind of of force of faith that I had to operate in to get this mall. God say you go and go before that mayor and you tell that mayor that you want to have services in that mall.

Gave me the scriptures to do it. I had to show up in that place, face to face and give her the scriptures that God gave me. And all the sudden when I gave them, the mayor jumped up that looked like the blood had gone out of her face. And she said, Reverend, can you sit here and say, well, I ain't got nowhere else to go. She said, sit here. And, and she went in there and, and went to the building commissioner and came back and said, Reverend, I don't know what to do now. They've already voted, you cannot have services in that shopping mall. I'm just saying, I'm just saying up until now the devil's been running it. Up until now, the devil has been telling you where you can go, but now it's extreme faith. Now comes radical faith.

A lot of times what people do is they don't believe their prophet. Amen! But that's the truth. They don't believe that prophet, it says whose faith follows. If I didn't have any evidence, I wouldn't ask you to listen to me. I don't know how it really is, but I heard that in the days of Jesus you couldn't be a rabbi and speak in the Synagogue unless you had means. They would not let a poor Rabbi speak. I got means. Do you hear what I'm telling you, I'm telling you, all you got to do is follow my faith. All you got to do is find out. How you're doing it, pastor? I just give you the formula. You just follow the same thing. The truth will produce for you the same way. It's produced for me. Say amen, but people want you to step out on your faith and they want the benefits of it. Oh boy. It got quiet when I said that. No, no, let's all do it. This is 2020 revelation. You're going to see clearly now. I'm decreeing it. Sit down.

Yeah, here I was starting down at Lake Pulaski with nothing but faith. Next thing you know, I'm up in the white house. I'm not trying to talk about how great I am. I'm trying to talk about how much faith I'm using and I'm saying God is no respecter of persons. What he did for BW, come on, He's going to do for you. If nothing else. Just follow my faith. Cause you not going to catch me. Just follow me. Cause I'm working it. Say, I'm working it. Ask him. Why are you letting your faith go to sleep? Help me. This is the faith of God. This is the faith God used to create the universe. What are you talking about? Now I'm saying that because anything else the enemy can stop. The only thing he can't stop is faith. Now, look at Luke chapter 17. Now I'm going to decree some things in this place because I believe what I say will come to pass. No, no, no, no. I speak real estate over here.

See let me, we're going to go to Luke chapter 17 but let me just say something. What the enemy did not expect and did not have a real revelation of was God's power. Amen. Now, I showed him this on Sunday, but I want to go back and show it again. But Daniel chapter one, verse three verse, verse four and this is when Jerusalem, because they've gotten away from God. Now they're going into captivity, all right. God hadn't forgotten them, but they go in captivity so they can get back, right? And look what it says here. These are people that Nebuchadnezzar King of Babylon. Babylon is a world. He said, now pick these people down in Jerusalem. Just pick, pick these, make sure then he said the King spoken... Then he said, bring certain of the children of Israel in. Come on.

Next verse. Kings seed he said, children in whom? There was no, what? Blemish. Well, what? Favored and skillful in all what? Wisdom and cunning and knowledge and in understanding science. Okay. All right, you got it. I'll put it up there in the New Living and just see what kind of people these were that he picked up. In a new living it says now select only the strong. Select only the healthy. Now that takes some folk out right there. Now this one might get a lot of people select only the good looking young men. And he said, now I'm just saying that this, this Satan has cherry picked folks that should be in the church. You cherry picked, picked them out. Why? Because they are producers. They don't need nobody sleeping on it. Don't need nobody coming late to work. He needs people that he could give a project to and have completed without him looking over their shoulder.

So what did he do? He left all the rest. But here's God who is all powerful. And God says in John chapter 15, verse 16, you didn't choose me. You didn't choose me. He said, what? But I chose you. I told you what, what that was like. That was like me, you know, when I was a young boy in high school and gone, you know, to play some parties and and so forth. And me and Joe standing up and, and this young lady kept looking at us, you know, and I felt she was kind of looking at me and so I'd kind of set back from the group to just see that she... You know, her cross hairs follow me, right? Followed me. And she followed me. I said, uh huh. And I stepped back to the group. I said, boys, I don't know how much longer I'm going to be with y'all. Look like I've been chose. Are you following what I'm saying? Are you following what I'm saying?

Something about being chosen makes you feel good. But, God saw all of your deficiencies and chose you. Because he is a creator and he can remake your body, your mind. He can And remake your attitude. Now, what I'm going after now is grace knowledge that God is now bringing grace knowledge into the church. This is knowledge that you didn't have to get through experience. This is knowledge that's going to be dropped on you because God chose you. He has gone to drop the intelligence on you and he's going to drop the skill on you. Say amen to that. So I'm saying, this is going to be your season. Now what I have to do is teach something that will give you the faith to receive. Say, this is my season.

Alright look at Luke chapter 17 verse five. And the apostle said to the Lord, increase our faith. The Lord said, if you had faith as a grain of mustard seed, you might say unto the Sycamine tree, be thou plucked up by the road without what planted in the sea and what did they do? It'll obey you. But which of you having a servant, plowing... Man. That's good. Plowing or feeding cattle will say unto him by and by when he is come in from the field. Go and sit down to meet. And will not... not rather say unto him, make ready where with I may sup and gird yourself and serve me until I have eaten and drunken. And after that you'll eat and drink. What is he talking about is not a, it's the same teaching that Jesus is doing. He's talking about faith. he said faith's supposed to work for you.

Watch this. Don't let him rest. Don't let him, the moment he comes in with your promise, put him back out there. He's designed to work. And I'm saying sometimes people are sitting on their faith just letting it do it and if nothing else decree something. God's got a plan for your life that only faith can fulfill that just came out of the spirit of God. You couldn't touch that in a natural mind if you tried to. With 50,000 degrees, you couldn't touch it. God's about to take you somewhere. Faith can't take you. I mean that. That human reason cannot take it. Only faith can take you there. Say, I'm ready to go. Now, where is that faith? It's in me. That faith is coming out of my spirit. Not one ounce of faith in my head. It's coming out of my spirit. So you can't sense it. You can't... Eyes, ears, nose... You can't touch it. You can't reason. You can't right there. God's going to give you something impossible. Why? Because it's a faith step.

Ray and Dolores was starting the JBS school. They came back and said, well, it'd take, you know, one or two years, whatever to get it started. I said, well, let me pray about it. I prayed about it and God said, tell him it'll take two months and look two months, school now it's all over the world. Now what am I saying? What am I saying? What am I saying? God is going to give you an assignment that without faith you can't fulfill. That's where we going now you going to have to have faith to do this. And somehow we let that faith slip or we're letting that faith sleep. And you can tell when you get in it. Now you will have some haters. I said you're going to have some haters. Faith does not need human reason to believe. Faith does not need human reason to believe. Reason can be a mortal weapon against your faith that Satan uses. Because he wants to stop one thing, it's your faith. I'm just saying that. Use your faith on your body. Better try that again. Use your faith on your body.

All right. Now, let's come back again to Mark chapter 11 concerted verse 19 again, don't be looking for three points on a point. I'm not giving you that. I'm giving you grace knowledge. This is knowledge that I'm just going to give it to them and say, ah, tomorrow about this time is going to be plenty and it's going to be cheap. You know what I'm saying? And how do you receive it? By faith. You're not looking to prove it with your senses. You're not looking to go to court with it and get somebody to make a judgment. You're not looking for your sentence to agree with it. Nothing like that. That is not how I got here. I got here because I was willing to receive what God said and he said, buy that shopping mall. Didn't have no money and didn't have no mall sense, but I said, I received that.

I'm speaking to you right now in the next two nights, two days, by Friday, God's going to speak to you about doing something. Boy, that came from the spirit of God right there. That came from spirit of God. God's going to speak to you about doing something. And what? What is going to yield this great increase? See, if y'all pull it out of the prophet, the prophet can give you a word. Say amen to this. Man, this is good. I like this. I said, I like this. You need to dip into that anointing. Cause God can have your debt paid by Friday night. You need to dip into that anointing boy. I said you need to dip into that anointing. I feel, feel there's an anointing coming on. Come on. And one of it is a debt canceling anointing. Say amen to that. You see what I'm saying?

That the last thing the enemy wants is for you to get in faith. But when you get in faith, he's done. You are about to take everything he ever stole from you, your momma, your grandmother, your great grandmother, everything is coming back to you. As a matter of fact, I'm decreeing it! This year is your year of great recovery. Year of great recovery. Say restore! This is not what I thought I was going to do tonight. I'm telling you. Something is stirring up. I sense faith being stirred up. I feel a miracle working anointing. Don't be concerned if somebody doesn't receive this. You just receive yours. Romans 3:3 put it up there, please. Look what it says here. Romans 3:3 he said this. He said, now what if some did not believe? Shall the unbelief make the faith of God, what? Without a fact, come on, he said, God forbid, yea let God be true and every man be alive.

I said, every man's going to be alive. I came to this city with $200 and it took me a while to get here. But you're working now on the accelerated program. Whose faith you going to follow? Say, I receive that. And when you pray, come on. We're going to pray in the Holy ghost. Okay, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Now when you pray in the spirit, you pray the will of God. So say this with me, I receive that. Now take it right there. That's yours, you paid it and now you took it. Whatsoever, things you desire. When you pray believe. Now, give God praise for this. Come on, say amen! God is telling me now tell them I'll make all things new. So, I'll give you new relationships. New business. New ministry. Sit down.

See, this is the way you need to use your prophet. I've come here to bless you. You just dip into anointing, put some pressure on that anointing. Don't tell him you want what I got. Tell him you want a double portion. See you trying to figure that out with your head. The, devil will stop you every time. It ain't going to be theology that's going to make it. I'm saying you going to have to base it on the word of God, but it's going to have to be the word of faith. That word of faith God put it in your heart. You have to just say it. You can't. You can't challenge it. You can't do anything. I said radical faith? Radical...? Radical... Cause I stood up here on a Sunday and said, without that, I'm going to call this this session, Radical Faith. Then I didn't, I went back home and said, wait a minute. Radical.

Well that was the same thing I did about wall street. I stood up down the step and said, we're turning the West side in the Wall Street. What, wall street? That's Babylon isn't it? No. I went in the book, found the young lady who's Grecian and she used to work on wall street, then she got her own business. Now choose she's giving a presentation before one of the larger denomination. She said, God, what shall I tell them? Give me something exciting to tell him. He said, well, you can start by letting them know that wall street and the way wall street operates was my idea. I said, oh my goodness. So I'm saying things that my spirit knows, but my head doesn't know and for you to get here, that's what you want to have to do. Say amen to that. You're going to have to walk by faith and not by sight.

See if, I can break the power of that... Some of y'all are right at the door. I said, man, I can see in the spirit, you're right at the door. See you. You're still a little afraid to let go of the shoreline, but God's about to take the current and move you on out. You're right at the door, man. But you've been dipping in this thing and dipping in it and that's why you haven't seen an explosion there. You have the say, let go. Let God. Let him do it! And be a loud mouthing all the way. Say amen! When you talk like this, the devil knows that is about to happen. He just like Joseph. He talked about it and notice his brothers tried to kill him. Notice here's David, He comes to the front line. He talks big talk and what happened to him. They tried to get him to go back there. I'm saying, when you talk big talk, listen, don't listen to them. Just keep talking like God.
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