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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston - Day of His Power

Bill Winston - Day of His Power

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One of the things that the enemy tries to do is keep you in your natural ability, keep you in this molecular world, one man calls it. And letting the molecular world determine your future, letting your natural man determine your future. But you know, you're not a natural man having a spiritual experience, or mankind. You're a spiritual person having a natural experience. So don't get those mixed up. So with that, now you can move from this place of matter, or this place of the natural into the place of the Spirit. And you move through these things. But the Spirit dominates the natural.

And you and I have to go back to that realm because God never changed his mission for mankind. When he quoted he said, "For us, let us make man after our image, after our likeness. And let the have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the foul of the air, over the cattle, and over all the Earth, and every creeping thing that creeps upon this Earth". And then it said, "And God blessed them and said, "Be fruitful and multiply, replenish the Earth and subdue it.'" Now this mandate for mankind never changed. Remember what God said. He said, "My word shall not," he said, "So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth. It shall not return to me," what? Void, see. "But it shall accomplish that which I please".

So, this is going to be accomplished. That we are going to subdue this Earth. That before Jesus comes back the church is going to be in control. Got it? So now all of these is waking up inside of the church. It's got to be preached first, because the church is God's government expressed in the Earth. And it's got to be preached because we thought the church was a building you came into. That's got nothing to do with the church. It's just a place you have the service. And we call it a sanctuary. But the thing of it is, is you are the church. And then God is going to be use you to overcome the world.

Are you following what I'm saying? And the world of course has had the people in the world in captivity. So, he's been resisting the saints and of course trying to rob the saints, and preventing the saints, and so forth. So in essence, there's been a slavery going on. So now, what is happening, is God is going to free his people. And he said in verse 20, "I'll stretch out my hand and smite Egypt within my wonders, which I will do in the midst thereof. And after that, he will let you go". Now this is kind of where we want to go into this last day because we need to know that Satan respects power. Satan respects power.

The tendency is, is that we've been having a bunch of preaching contests and who can preach the best. But it didn't say that. It said, can I just show you this right quick? Hold something right there and turn to Psalm 66. It says, "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord God all ye lands. Sing forth the honor of his name, and make his praise," what? CONGREGATION: Glorious. BILL: "Glorious. Say unto God, 'How terrible art thou in thy works.' Through the greatness of thy power shall thy enemies submit themselves unto thee". It's going to take power. Say amen to that.

And sometimes, I'm not sure what we're doing in terms of the world. But sometimes you can get too close to that world and take on some of the habits of that world. You following what I'm saying? I mean I know they got a five step program for this, and a 10 step program for that, and so forth. But I didn't see Jesus go Thursday any steps. What I saw is the power of God. And the man who was demon possessed and was cutting himself, no clothes on, people were fearing to even come by this man. When they came back up there he was clothed, sitting at the feet of Jesus in his right mind. And that didn't take but a few seconds. I'm just saying this is the kind of power that is about to be released in the church. Because until the power is on display, release will not come.

So what God is doing is he's making it now that the requirement for total release is power. And this is the day of God's power. Lord have mercy. Turn to that scripture, turn to Psalm 110, please, Psalm 110. Glory to God, woo-wee. I said this is the day of God's power. Yeah, see. We been trying to talk people into things, and reason with folks on things, and argue with people on things, and so forth and so on.

Well where is the power? Because one demonstration is worth a thousand sermons. One demonstration will separate a man from a dead god. One demonstration will cause people to submit. Look what it says here, verse 1. "The Lord said unto my Lord, 'Sit on my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool.' The Lord shall send the rod of the strength out of Zion. Rule thou in the midst if thine enemies. Thy people shall be," what? Willing, what? "In the day of thy power".

Well this is the day of his power. You see, when Moses went down to Pharaoh, he asked God, he said, "Now who shall I say sent me"? God said, "Just tell him I AM. I said I AM". Now he didn't say I'm gonna be, because there's no future in God. What God is doing for you, he's gonna do it right now. He is the I AM in your life. I am healed, I am delivered, I am prosperous. Not I'm gonna be. There is no more of that. So now in this, we are seeing here, turn back to Exodus 3, please. Exodus 3, glory to God in heaven. Mm-hmm, amen.

See it's confrontations coming up here pretty soon. See we been trying to avoid that and everybody been hiding out behind the church bench. But we gonna come out in public, everybody else coming out you should come on out, too. All right? Look what it says in verse 20. "And I'll stretch out my hand and smite Egypt with my wonders which I will do in the midst thereof. And after that he will," what? "He's gonna let you go when I display my power, the devil's gonna let you go. And I will give this people favor in the sight of the Egyptians. And it shall come to pass that when you go, you shall not go," what? "Empty. But every woman shall borrow of her neighbors and of her that sojourned in her house jewels of silver, jewels of gold, and raiment. And ye shall put them on your sons and upon your daughters, and you shall," what? "Spoil the Egyptians".

Now it's telling me here, this is my revelation of this, is that every person is going to be blessed with some recompense. Now, understand vengeance is when the Lord gets involved for your release. But recompense is where he now has a payday for you. In other words, everything that's been stolen from you, God has kept records of. And now what he's going to do is add it up, and if you go over in Proverbs 6, he's going to multiply it times seven. And then he's going to make them pay you. In fact it's going to spoil them, it's going to strip them of everything they have.

Now some folk may get more stuff than other folk. But don't get jealous of other folk. Now understand what I'm saying about vengeance. It's not God mad at anybody, it's not him getting revenge. What he's doing is he's executing justice. He's executing justice. Now we have got to call for that. Because God can execute justice on behalf of justice and your kind, your friend, your family, or whatever have you. And so what I saw, is I saw that everybody got blessed. So it seems like to me that everybody that was in Egypt or in bondage, had some coming to him. So I don't care what household you belong to, you got something coming the you. Say amen to that.

Now you got to believe that because I don't know about you but I believe I got something coming. Now understand in Egypt what they did is he paid them based on not what they suffered only, but what their ancestors suffered. Come on now. So that means somebody might get more than other folk. Because heaven has kept the count of everything that was suffered. Say amen to that. Amen. Now it's going to come out of your pocket because you have been redeemed. That what you've done wrong has been paid for. But there are some heathen out there that are still holding onto the wealth. And the wealth must come into the house of God. Say amen.

So the first load is going to come by recompense. Now in terms of folk getting more than other folk and so forth, understand it's God executing judgment and justice. It's him executing justice. When somebody else gets blessed more than you, that is no reason for you to get envious, mad, and ignorant because they got blessed more than you. Now I want to show you something, turn to John 5, please. This is the day of God's power. Amen.

I had a guy who called me. He called me, talked to me, and in this conversation it was on his mind so he said it to me. He said, "Man I lost my wallet yesterday and so forth". I said, "Oh did you"? He said, "Yeah man, I'm telling you it must have been in golf bag and when I got on the cart, dot, dot, dot, lost it". He said, "Now I got to go out of town with my whole family, I'm taking them. Their hitting my cards so I'm calling trying to cancel cards and so forth". And he said, "You know, it's just one of those times". I said, "Wait a minute. Is the wallet still in the Earth"? He said, "Well, yeah". I said, "Well listen. Let's get it. I say I claim that wallet right now of yours in the name of Jesus. I claim it back into your hands". He said, "Okay, all right, I hope that happens". I said, "Wait, wait, whoa now. I'm not hoping. This is the day of God's power, I'm not hoping now. I ain't hoping".

See this when you can say things, you can release things, because there is a set time. He's gonna sponsor you. God's gonna promote you. This is favor now. He's going to make your name a star. And I said, "No, no I'm not hoping". I said, "It's done and it's coming into your hands. It's yours. It's there, right now, I claim it right now". And then he went on and changed the subject, hung up. Called me in a half an hour. "Hey Doc". I said, "What"? He said, "Man they just called me from Wisconsin". I said, "What they say"? "They said I got your wallet here. They said we want to send it, where can we send it to and all the address"? He said, "Man, that stuff worked you did"!

Let me tell you, they're not used to the church operating outside of the limits of the molecular world. They're not used to that. And when you go up in the Spirit and you decree things, that you got angels all over. What are they doing? They're preparing the Earth for the return of the King of kings and the Lord of lords. You see people shall be willing in the day of thy power. People who never thought about getting saved before, when they see one demonstration, one irrefutable miracle, they gonna say, "Who is your God? All you did was speak and that thing happened". I'm telling you that's where we walking now saints of God. You're not gonna have to keep even with anybody anymore. God's gonna take up your case. I said God's gonna take up your case. Because from now on when they come against you, they gonna come directly against God. From this day forward.

And he, the bible says in Luke 18, "will deliver you speedily". I'm not talking about you gonna have to stand in a court case for six months, we getting out of this. Not only you getting out, your kids getting out. Say amen to that. Boy I just feel like saying and prophesying in here now. Now where did I tell you turn? Where did I? Where? John 5. I don't have time to read it, let me tell you about it. Here's a man and he's sitting by the pool with a bunch of other folk who's crippled, lame, and blind, and so forth. And he set there for 38 years trying to get in the pool. Because an angel came down at a certain time and stirred the people, and whoever jumped in first was healed of everything he had. We every time the man jumped to get in there, somebody jumped in front of him, so forth and so on.

Just like the lottery. And so what happened? Jesus came, said, "Hey". Saw the man and knew that he had been long time in that case. See I don't care how long you've had what you had, the set time has come for your life. I said the set time has come for your life. It doesn't make any difference how long you been dealing with it, you're not gonna deal with it any more. He told Moses, he said, "Moses you see who's following you? See Pharaoh? Whatever's chasing you, you will see them no more. Now y'all got to believe this, y'all got to leave here with a different attitude about your life. You gotta to leave here knowing that if you go into business, you gonna prosper. Say amen to that.

Do you realize in Silicon Valley, the number that I got is that a new invention is released in Silicon Valley every six minutes. Come on now. Now some of that ought to be coming to the church. Say amen to that. Folks I'm telling you, I believe contracts have been diverted to folks so that the enemy could keep building his kingdom. And those contracts supposed to been in your hands. I'm saying things have happened that you haven't even seen because they got cut off somewhere in the Spirit. But you going up in the Spirit and take delivery. Hey! You going to take delivery in the Spirit. Some of you supposed to be millionaires three and four times over by now. And now your set time has come.

I'm not just talking, I'm prophesying. I'm speaking a word over you, just like I spoke it over that man's wallet. I said this time next year you will be a millionaire. I'm speaking it over you, and I don't care who don't like it. I'm speaking it over you and I ain't just trying to get you happy with some get rich quick scheme. No. You gonna be a millionaire because we got work to do. We've got to win the world the Christ.

So what happened? Heres the man, "Jesus said, 'Rise, get up on your feet and walk.' Immediately the man rose, jumped up on his feet and walked". And then some religious folks on him. Said "Now, now, now, wait a minute. It's not lawful for you to carry your bed on the sabbath day". Well let me ask you something. Jesus said it's not me, it's the Father in me. He just did the work.

Now they're saying the Sabbath day, you can't do it on the sabbath day. Well Jesus was telling them, "I didn't heal him. The Father in me, he just did the work. Why don't you get on him"? No, you gotta see what he's saying here. He's saying, "The Father he's the one that came up with the day, he's the one that healed the man. How you going to argue with me"? I'm just telling you, there are people that don't want you to be set free. Somebody came to me, we at the tennis court.

And he said, "Well you know, I got in an argument with this guy". I said, "What happened"? He said, "Well I went over there and I told him, his son was sick, and I said why don't you go in there and lay hands on him in Jesus's name and be healed"? "What"? "Well the bible say". "Huh? You going to tell me what the bible says? I know the bible". They entered into a heated argument because of the truth. The man was a different denomination. Now you see why there's so much division in the body of Christ. So much division to he said he thought the man was about to get physical. Folks will fight you for a lie.

Are you following what I'm saying? Now I'm only saying this, that it's a vengeance and a recompense coming. Because vengeance hasn't been preached, we've been victims. It's a different day now, we moving out. We not gonna have to fight the battles any more, he gonna fight them for you. No understand the power is all ready on you. Say it's all ready on me. Now I want you to carry a superiority attitude. Now when I say that I don't mean walk with your nose up in the air. I mean walk like you've got the power to do whatever needs to be done in this world today. Say amen to that. And you release that power with your word, you speak that power, you act on that power? Are you following what I'm saying? And let me tell you, the devil going to submit.
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