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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston — You've Been Upgraded

Bill Winston — You've Been Upgraded

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Faith is the key to you having success in God, it really is, you can't even please God without faith. The other thing is that faith allows the power of God to flow through your life, you see there's great power God, because he's God is able to do anything, it is so powerful. Well the way we get it to flow, that power to flow, is we need faith, to have it to flow it places demand on God's power. Now, that's why there's teaching, that you're about to see right now is so important. Get your Bibles and pencils and get ready, let's go into it, it's entitled the Greater Works, You've Been Upgraded.
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  1. David Leok Ching Chuan
    13 November 2018 08:11
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    Blessing to you,Keep on the job Mathew 6:33 Keep on growing with the Kingdom of God