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So one of the reasons, why Jesus came is to reintroduce the kingdom. There are some things about this new kingdom, that make the culture of this kingdom different, than the kingdom you and I were born into at first, because this new kingdom you got to be born into it. You can't buy your way into it or slip in the back door, you got to be born into it. Now not only you born into it, but God puts it in you. So the whole kingdom is in each one of us. You can get your mind around that.

All right, now we then have a whole new Kingdom to depend on. and Jesus said, "Seek ye first (what?) the kingdom of God, and His righteousness;" and what will happen? Everything you need will be added to you! Why? 'Cause it's all in the kingdom, his kingdom. So, if the government issued a law, from where Washington DC, now I'm just putting it okay, so here's the law from Washington it got the government to issue law throughout the whole kingdom... now, this is different from the law, that States may make or a law that municipalities may make, they can make some of their sub-laws and why? Because they have to better govern their jurisdiction.

Now I'm getting somewhere, I'm saying that all this has got to do with the authorities, so in the Roman Senate do kings or rulers come from whatever districts or whatever local governing communities, that they're assigned to? They come in, and Caesar is the Emperor. And all of them are senators, and they are receiving from this body laws, that they would go back out to their jurisdiction and enforce that law. The everything has to confirm to that law. Now, you got to hear me what I'm saying.
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