Bill Winston — The Value of Words

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Well, did you know that God is a God of extravagance? Did you know, that God even gives to you, like only God can give? I mean, he is your Father, he gives you a gift. Look what he gave you: he gave you his son Jesus! God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. Now look what he gave: he gave his very best!

Well that's God's nature, he wants the very best for you, and get this, he wants you to desire the very best! Praise God! I know, if you're going to get your teeth worked on, you want the very best, if you're going to a school with it, for your kids, you want the very best. Oh, God wants the very best in your life period. Praise God! Well, let's go ready to, just call Fulfilling your Dominion Mandate, The Value of Words.
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