Bill Winston — The Prophetic Word

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Well, today we have a powerful teaching. It's pointing out, that as believers, we shouldn't only have faith for the things, that we need, you know, you need a house or need a car, need a job and so forth and so on. That's good, but the people that Jesus pointed out, had great faith which seemed to be the people in the Bible, who used their faith for somebody else's needs.

One lady, his daughter was near death. Another man, Jairus, ruler the synagogue, his child was sick. When they first came to Jesus... or it could be a person, who... Lazarus had died, you remember, but they came to Jesus not using their faith for their own needs, but for somebody else's demand, who was on a cot, you know. He was on a gurney, you know, and it took four men were carrying him on this bed, and they couldn't get in the door, because of all the people crowding in to see Jesus. So, they went up on the roof, toward a thing open.

Here's what the Bible says, "When Jesus saw their faith", their faith, not his faith, their faith, he healed the man. We can use our faith with somebody else, I'll bet you, I'll willing to believe, that this church will go to a level, that they've never seen before. You even your own personal life, if you use your faith for somebody else. Watch your faith just soar! Why? Because that's where it works best, in Jesus name. Well let's go into it, it's entitled the normal Christian life, The Prophetic Word.
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