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Bill Winston — Taking Forgiveness by Faith

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As we deal with prayer, we're going to also have to deal with faith, because prayer does not make faith work - faith makes prayer work. And so, as we found that out, we have to see, that when dealing with faith, you're dealing with the invisible. In other words: what controls what you can see is what you can't see.

You recall how Jesus cursed of fig tree, and you recall that it said it dried up from the roots, okay. But notice what happened, if the roots are gone, what happens to the tree - it dies. So, if the root of anything, the root of strife, the root of sickness or cancer, the root... and the church deals with the root. Got it, that's we've been a so designed, that we can go to the root of something, and get it done away with. You know the roots, what you can't see, is controlling what you can see, say amen to that!
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