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Bill Winston — Revelation of Righteousness

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Righteousness, in my opinion, has everything to do with your successful life of prayer. Everything to do it, not something to do with it, everything to do with it. Now, once you get born again, you are made the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Say "I am the righteousness of God".

Adam was righteous, but he sinned. And when he sinned, where he was righteous, now that was unrighteous, because where he was a child of God, now he got born again from life to death, and Satan became a spiritual father. So, he got the nature of his daddy. The nature of God is righteousness, the nature of Satan is iniquity. That was our nature, but now we've been born again, and our nature now is righteousness, but this body and his mind need to be renewed, and this body needs to be retrained. So, the body and the mind still want to go to the river boat, and the Spirit is said, Don't go out there, man, you lost your money last week, don't cut but the Spirit.
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