Bill Winston — Pray with Assurance

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So, we were studying this idea of Prayer, let's define prayer one more time from another perspective. Prayer is a legal right to ask God to supernaturally intervene on your behalf. All right, also, and we looked at this, we started talking about the subject of angels. Now, these angels are on assignment, and these angels are here ministering for us, the people of God. God is not running the world, not in the world. God is running the church, and the church should be running the world, that's very very important. A lot of times of waiting on God to do something... Uh, he said, let them have to, mean he has passed on the stewardship, the lordship, the caretaker-ship, for the ownership of this earth. He's passed it over to a human, pass it on to Adam and he never took it back.

Okay, now here we talked about angels because it's necessary for you to understand, that there are ministering spirits, that have been sent to minister for the people of God. Now let's just kind of whip through that, because it's a lot there, but I'm just gonna just go through it. No this is ain't this is what prayer does, when somebody prays, alright, because you can have a person to pray, who is 10 years old and they can pray you need. You can have a person to pray, who is a hundred and ten years old, and they can get the same results. Just what I want you to know, all right.
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