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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston — Living From The Inside-Out

Bill Winston — Living From The Inside-Out

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Once royalty speaks, people all around royalty bring it to pass. The King does not get off his throne and go out. Let me see, how I can make this work, he does not care, Queen does not care, they speak, and once they speak, all the forces around them begin to operate. Once you speak and decree, my debts will be paid by Christmas, you are not concern how it's gonna happen! That's the works, but it starts with your image.

Well one of the reasons why a car like a rolls-royce or one of the very expensive cars cost so much, is because of its workmanship. If you go into it, you'll see all the stitching on the leather, and how its built, and the parts that they use. How you know, they use very, you know, the workmanship, is just expensive. Well the Bible says in Ephesians 2:10 that we are his workmanship. Now what does he say, God is saying, "I made you". And we have just been fashioned and created by the Greatest Craftsmen that every is and ever was. Praise God! You are much more valuable than a Rolls Royce. All the parts, that are in you, it's so forth. Understanding your value has a lot to do with where you can go and what you can receive. Let's get your Bibles, let's go right into it, it's called Living on Top of the World, Living From The Inside-Out.
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