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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston — Kings and Priests

Bill Winston — Kings and Priests

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We have an exciting teaching for you today. We're teaching on a subject, called Kings and Priests. Now, this subject, a lot of the body of Christ have never heard before. So, this is gonna be something maybe brand-new for you, but guaranteed if you'll catch a revelation of this teaching, it'll take you up to another level of everything that is good in God.

Now, when I say Kings and Priests, this is a two anointings, that are in the body of Christ. The priests being people who are mainly in the fivefold ministry: the Apostle, the Prophet, the Evangelist, pastor and teacher, and people who are in full-time ministry. And then the Kings - now these are people, who are in the marketplace. Could be an education, could be a bricklayer, could be in construction, a medical doctor, could be a lawyer, whatever there is in the marketplace.

Now these are two separate anointings. Now, mainly the Priests anointing is to receive vision, that vision comes to the priest from God, that is concerning the body of Christ, and the movement, and the direction, and the timing of God. Now the Kings, on the other hand, receive the provision from God. Now they go out and fight battles. When I say fight battles, I'm talking about not fighting people, but fighting the good fight of faith, and go out, and actually get provision from the world system, and bring it back in to the Kingdom of God, so, that the vision of God can go forth.

You see, one has the vision, the other has the provision. Now, like I said this, is an Old Testament model, and God is bringing it back into the New Testament church. And you're gonna find as a result of this, we'll be able to take things on a higher level, that we've never ever been able to do them before. I'm talking about going up and getting some of the wealth, that we've never been able to get before or going in and doing some cleanup work in terms of people's lives, and some of the neighborhoods, and so forth that we've never been able to do before. Why? Because these two ministries were not flowing together, but we're going to talk about that more get your Bibles and pitch them some papers ready. It's an excellent teaching, let's go into it, it's called Kings and Priests.
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