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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston — Free of Deception

Bill Winston — Free of Deception

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Oh, this is gonna be a powerful teaching. You know, God wants you to believe for big things. You know, he said whatsoever things you desire folks, that's a blank check. I like the Spanish word for it, the Grande. Hey, he's God, means big, you know. Well, when you believe for big or Grande things, that you can't do on your own, you make room for the anointing. I mean the anointing starts kicking in you.

Remember David, he looked at that big giant, he said: this day the Lord's gonna live you into my hand. That's Grande and then he said this: hey, there are me behind you, I'm gonna feed them to the buzzards of the air. Oh, that big talk, because he can see something big. So if you're down to the level, where you can do it yourself, then the anointing don't have that, it can't kick in, doesn't have room to kick in, but when you take this thing by faith and move it to a level of the impossible and then speak, watch, that anointing kick in. Let's learn how to do that, go into it now, it's called the Greater Works, Free of Deception.
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