Bill Winston — Empower Your Gift

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Well, God has a destiny for your life. I mean this is something, that you cannot disqualify, you know. People say well, you know, I've been in jail, okay, well I've been married five times, okay, what's new? Because God cleans you up, he takes you, cleans you up, he knows that we've had, some bad road behind us, what does he do, he chooses us anyway, he chose you before the foundation of the world. Did you know that before you even came into your mother's womb, he chose you. He knew all these things gonna happen, but he chose you anyway. In that powerful, now he can clean you up, he can give you training, come on, he can raise you up, and anoint you, and then send you forth and use you for the glory of God in that powerful.

See, that's the thing, that makes God God, because God can take a one man said take a crooked stick, and hit a straight leg or he could take a person who's been counted out, and put him on top. He's done it before, he did it in the Bible, and he's done it in my life. Praise God! Well, let's go into the teaching, it's called The Normal Christian, Empower Your Gift.
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