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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston — Be Made Whole

Bill Winston — Be Made Whole

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So, faith is a higher law, than time. See, time is substance, time it's like the tree or it's like the plant or it's like the stars — it's something, that God created, and he threw it into the earth to keep order. But you and I can override time. Faith is the dominant force, that was given to man, to govern time. He can manipulate it, he can he can have have dominion over it, I'm talking about time now. Now, why am I giving you this? Because miracles are an interruption of time. I'm just saying, you could be treated by physician, and that will over time you can get healed, same into that and that's true. But tonight we gonna be treated by the Great Physician directly and the Great Physician is gonna override time. We gonna believe God, that time is going to be overwritten tonight, that whatever is wrong with you, is gonna be healed tonight.
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