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Bill Winston — Be Fully Persuaded

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Righteousness has everything to do with your successful life of pray. When you pray righteously, you pray with confidence, that whatever you pray, God is going to hear you. When you pray something and you're waiting on the manifestation of the answer, once you pray it is when the fight begins. Notice, the devil starts with your thoughts. So, if you thought wrong, put your hand over your mouth, because if you come out with something, that negates that prayer, then you have to start over again. So, we have to watch what we say, because angels on assignment and waiting on God's words, that you speak.

How do you know, that you have the petition you desired of him? Because he heard you. How do you know he heard you? Because you prayed according to his will. So, when God suggests the impossible to you, be it unto me. Don't try to figure it out how he's gonna do it, how is this gonna work through me, only believe.
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