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2021 online sermons » Dr. Bill Winston » Bill Winston — Anointed for Battle

Bill Winston — Anointed for Battle

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Well, God is taking us into the land of the giants. Right, he's God. You see, he's equipped us to do what he's called us to do in that land. See, God said it like this, he said to Israel, you know, I have given you the land. They went in spied out the land, came back and said, the land is there, the land is good, but their Giants on it. You see, every time you take a promise, that God has given you, it's gonna take a fight. But your victory has already been cataloged in heaven. He already has written, who won the fight, and you did. Praise God, let's go into it, you are Anointed for Battle, it's called the greater works.
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