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Bill Winston — All Things Are Yours

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He has given dominion to you. Now say something. Say something about your marriage, say something about you're kids. I mean, just when your son is acting too crazy, I tell him you, won't be a preacher, you gonna be on fire God.

Well, did you know everything that it takes fulfill you earthly assignment in this earth, God has already provided, and you have a right to it? You remember the example, where Jesus was calling for this donkey, he said go in town, he said you'll find a donkey, tied up on time and bring him to me, and if anybody asks you: why are you untying my donkey? Tell them: the Lord has need of it. And do you know, they did just that? The man said: why are you untying my donkey? Said, the Lord has need of it, and he let him go. Now what we say? We're saying, that anything in this earth, that you need to fulfill your earthly assignment, you have a right to it. Praise God! Now let's go into the day's teaching it's called Fulfilling Your Dominion Mandate, All Things are Yours.
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