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Beth Moore — I Am Blessed

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This is where we're getting our theme for our present series. It says: Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing. And it goes on to tell us in verse six, we have been blessed in the beloved. Blessed! I have come to bring you three words that I believe would completely change our perspective on life, our perspective on our position, our perspective at work, our perspective at play, our entire frame of reference for how we do life if we could get three words into our head: I am blessed!

I don't care how simple a thing that seems to be and how many times you think you've heard it. If we began to approach life, if we are in Christ, in the truth of our circumstances, the Word of God says that because of Jesus Christ, because we have placed our trust in him, we are blessed.

I want everybody to try it. I want you to try it on the other side of that screen. Say it, "I am blessed." Say it until your bones hear it. Say it again!

Oh, I love that! I love -- give me some brothers today in this room. I hope some of you brothers said it as well. We are going to see that we are blessed

I want you to know something and this is going to be ring true all the way into the depth of our beliefs. No one is more blessed than you. If you are in Christ -- does somebody need to hear that? No one is more blessed than you are. When you look at someone -- quit saying, "They are as blessed as anyone I've ever known in my life" unless you can look in the mirror and say, "besides me and besides my sister in Christ, and my brother in Christ." No one has been outblessed by God. I don't care how you look at them and say, "Beth, that could not be true. Look how gifted, look how talented, look how they have been lavished in so many ways."

I'm telling you that in Christ you are not the exception to, that you have been blessed with every spiritual blessing. Not many of them, not some of them, you have been blessed by God with every spiritual blessing.

Now here's what somebody is going to say to me. That heavenly place is the part where I began to sigh and think, what good does it do me here? Because somehow we think in our heads that if every spiritual blessing is in the heavenly places that it's not on earth, and I beg to differ with you today. They are blessings of the spirit but they are very much for this world. The only reason you and I are still here after we received Christ as our personal savior is so that his blessing on us can become a blessing to others.

It's for this earth. It is not of this world, the blessings in our lives that are so rich in him, every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms. They are not of this world, but make no mistake, girlfriend and guy friend, they are for this world -- for this world! We act out of them every single day of our lives. We've been called to life in the spirit and every one of these spiritual blessings play into that.

Now I want you to see something with me. I was thinking this morning because these words, as we were coming over here in the car to the studio today kept going through my head: I am blessed. We were driving early this morning, really just barely having the sun come up. And the sun was shining right on a beautiful green sign with the words Starbucks on it.

Do you see any English word that you attribute to any particular ceremony in our human traditions? What word do you see in it? Anybody? You see the word eulogy. Only this is a really interesting eulogy because you and I are accustomed to eulogies that are said after the fact. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Has anybody in this room or on the other side of the screen ever pictured what your funeral would be like? I'm not trying to be morose, I'm just asking you. Have you ever wondered when it is all said and done, what will be read over you and said over you when you were gone? And it is a strange thing because it will not affect you at all. Yet, we wonder what it will be but it may bless somebody else in the room but actually, you know what? It's done for you regarding how you are going to live out that earthly journey because it is too late.

A eulogy that is spoken at your funeral, it may be right on time for somebody there as your loved one but it is too late for you. But what if a eulogy was spoken in advance? Oh, come on somebody!
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