Beth Moore — Fun With Jesus

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I thought to myself, what if I knew I only had a little while longer and could just talk on some of the only things that I would want to say in the last little while, what would those things be? And one of those I want to share with you in this series.

Now I have to tell you this because it begins with a walk that I took just a few days ago. Now for those of you on the other side of the screen, you could be anywhere in the world but I come from south Texas.

And you need to know that we have summers that are in three digits; and I'm talking about a humidity, you could feel like you could cut with the sheers, the garden sheers, to even try to walk through. We live in some kind of hot and stuffy environment.

So there is no one happier on the planet than somebody who lives in the hot humid south when it firsts begins to be fall and the first little cool front comes in with a little less humidity and something happens.

Listen! With all the road rage that takes place in Houston, Texas in the hot summer, all of the summer on that first day of fall, I don't care if the rest of you have these gorgeous autumns -- I don't want to hear it because you -- you cannot be happier than us. You cannot be happier than us. We're like we get at a four way stop, "No, after you!"

Driving down the freeway. By all means roll down the window, "Go in front of me! Please!" We're in the best mood ever.

So I just could not wait to get outside. We live out in the country and have these woods by us and so I walk very often in those woods. But let me tell you I walk every day I'm home in those woods but we have very, very snakey, swampy woods. I do mean we have lots of snakes; and I do mean we have copperheads, we have coral snakes, and we have water moccasins. Where I live in south Texas, we don't have rattlesnakes but we have lots of other poisonous snakes and it is something we just deal with on an ongoing basis.

So I brought this to you for a little bit of a visual because when I go for a walk I don't care how hot it is in the summer, I don't care if I have on workout gear with a tank top, these kinds of things are on my feet. Now I wanted to bring you my very own because I have some that I wear constantly but I'm having to borrow Janice's, my good friend Janice that works with LIFE Today so that you could see them because I could not get them in my suitcase, you can imagine. So I have some exactly like these. I also have some that are camo down here and zip up the side. I just want you to picture it.

So there I was with my snake boots on, I'm going tell you about this stick in just a moment, and I was walking through the woods and I just began to skip. I do mean skip. I mean the kind of skipping you would do when you're a little girl in first grade and you just learned how to skip. I mean that kind of skipping. Then I just started singing. And then I just started saying all manner of thing to Jesus. I mean I was throwing my arms out like that just skipping through the woods. I was so delighted. Everything was so heightened to me. The greens were just greener than ever. The air was cool and fresh. And it was the biggest blast.

What I want you to understand is that I truly believe that I would not have gotten this message on my heart by the Holy Spirit had I not taken off skipping, not just walking, but in my snake boots, there is something of a paradox about wearing your snake boots to skip in the woods as happy as can be. That in all the snares and dangers and toils, we're going to skip through the woods.

And I have to take my snake stick. This is my snake stick. Keith and I chose this. We found this in the woods because we have a little bit of a creek nearby and it has several beavers that work that creek all the time and they're forever cutting down the forest with their tiny little teeth. This was what was left of a Yaupon. If you were looking closely, you could see the bites all over it. It was just delightful to us somehow.

So we adopted this stick. And Keith made it sort of a game for me. Keith did not want me to be scared of our own woods. Is anybody stepping in that literally with me? Why live there and you're too scared to go out in it? And if you're not prepared you're not going to enjoy that walk and enjoy that ride. So he just taught me, "You're just going to be brave, honey. You're going to be prepared so that when you go out there where there is danger you're ready to go. You don't have to watch your feet because you're feet are covered."

I'm wondering, is anybody working with me today? "And you don't have to worry because you've got your snake stick in your hand."

So I want you to know he has taught me how to kill a poisonous snake. And I get a band on my stick, he owes me one. I say he owes me two. He says he owes me one.

Yes, that is nail polish. Oh, yes it is! It is only fitting. But he does the little rut in it; he carves out the little rut and then he paints it with nail polish for every single time I have killed a poisonous snake with this stick.

Now it has to be with the stick, you have to understand. People ask me all the time when I tell anything about this, "Why don't you use like a hoe?" Well, because I'm not going to get any marks on the hoe. I'm just competitive enough that I want my marks on my stick.
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