Beth Moore — Built Together

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We're going to be talking about in this present series, coming to some understanding with one another that we don't always have to agree, we don't even always have to understand one another but that we are a body of believers. All of those, every one of us who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and call him savior, we are family -- we are family!

We're going to draw a parallel. I'm going to really need your patience in my first reading segment because it is going to be long. But if you'll just be visual with it, if you'll picture it, if you'll picture what is happening on the page we're going to go to this Old Testament portion where we're going to see that David is calling upon Solomon, his son, this is just prior to King David's death, the year is 970 BC.

David is very, very near the end of his life and we're not sure how old Solomon is but here's what we're seeing. He's got all the preparations put together for the building of the great temple, Solomon's temple. So he is going to give him his instructions and call him forth in front of the people, and call him to courage.
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