Robert Morris — Relevant Fisherman
So this first one, I'm gonna take acronyms, use this acronym, but then I'm gonna take analogies every week for each of these four — and I'll preach all four of these messages. So the first one is... (Read more)
Christine Caine — Your Best Work
Can you believe that the God of the universe invites you and me to be a coworker with him in his harvest field. That is the ultimate ultimate job profile ever. Now I'm not talking about being a... (Read more)
Christine Caine — Over Overwhelmed
It does a lot for me to know that Jesus was overwhelmed. Because sometimes we teach a Christianity that says you've gotta have it all together, that there's something wrong with your faith if you're... (Read more)
Christine Caine — Help Me to See
Do you know that throughout our lifetime, I did the research. This changes every day. But there were 24 billion selfies uploaded in the last year. 24 billion. That's amazing. What they say is that... (Read more)
Christine Caine — Go Again
Philippians 4:6 which I think is so pertinent for the day in which we live: do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer, petition, with thanksgiving, you present your requests... (Read more)
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