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Watch 2022-2023 online sermons » Andy Stanley » Andy Stanley — For the World (The Bible for Grown-Ups)

Andy Stanley — For the World (The Bible for Grown-Ups)

TOPICS: Bible, Christianity

The Bible did not create Christianity. Christianity is the result of an event (the resurrection) that created a movement (the church) that produced sacred and reliable texts that were collected and bound into a book (the Bible). But how do we approach not being at peace with everything we read in the Bible? Paul—the apostle, Pharisee, author, preacher, and church planter—offers us clarity and confidence to move forward.
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  1. Christine Couvillon
    12 September 2019 23:12
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    I am very interested in reading the notes on "the Bible" some of these sermons are also written out however these are not. I have a loved one that needs to understand were The Bible comes from. Please help me to get the written notes. Thank you