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The Home of a Kingdom Man
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A kingdom man takes responsibility for those whom god has entrusted into his care. He understands that his family is his responsibility to care for, to love, and to provide for. We see what happens when kingdom men are absent from the home. Ah, but when a kingdom man shows up, his family knows that they are in a safe place.

Nothing demonstrates the decline of our world today like the demise of the family. Our houses have all these cracks in it. They're divorce cracks. They're neglect cracks. They're abuse cracks. They're debt cracks, and it can get so bad it can be crack cracks, but there is this invasion of the destruction of our homes.

Fifty percent of all marriages, including christian marriages, end in divorce, and the largest percent of the other live together even though they're not particularly happy, but they stay because of kids and finances.

Marriage and family is on the decline, and we've already seen the statistics. But we're spending a lot of personal money, government money, to patch up cracks on the wall, and for a while they appear to be patched up, and things look okay only to discover, give it enough time, and the cracks just keep on reappearing.

We want to talk about the kingdom man and his family. We've looked at the kingdom man personally. He fears God. The first group that ought to know that you take god seriously isn't the church house. It's your house.

The first group that ought to know you're a kingdom man is your own home. If they don't know it, then it doesn't matter what everybody else thinks about it. You ought to be a kingdom man at home first. The saga of a nation is the saga of its families written large.

As we've already said, the first concern should not be the white house. It should be your house and what you are doing to make your home a kingdom place. Let's look at how the home was established. Let's start there.

God, before he ever created adam or eve, said, "Let us make man in our own image, and let us--" the trinitarian god, "Let us bless them and give them dominion over the whole earth." so before he created man, he said, "We're gonna create male and female, and we're going to set them up to subdue the earth, have dominion, or to rule with authority." that's what dominion is. It is to have rule with authority. We're going to give it to them, but here is how we're gonna give it to them.

We're going to give it to them male and female. The man is going to be the lead because there was an order in creation. He created adam before eve. He is to lead, but he's not to do it alone.

Dominion must happen with male and female once the man is married. God structured it so that he put adam to sleep and performed surgery on him by taking out his rib and fashioned the woman.

The bible says he made man, but he like took time and fashioned a woman, and we're all glad he did. But that meant adam lost something in order to have a woman. He had to give up something. He had to give up-- he became half the man he used to be. He gave up a side.

In order to get his rib back, he had to be willing to take on more than the rib he lost. He lost a rib, so if you want your rest of you that you lost back, you're gonna get other ingredients that have been added to the rib that you didn't have when you lost your rib. So when a man gets a wife, he's not just supposed to have what he had.

He's supposed to have what he did not have, which is why she's called in genesis a helper because she was supposed to bring to the table that which the man did not have of his own but also complete what man lost. So whenever a woman is left out of the kingdom equation, you limit or even cancel god's involvement with you.

What most men don't understand is when she is not a collaborator but is merely viewed as a companion, a cook, a dishwasher, a cleaner, and a child bearer, but not a collaborator, then the purpose for establishing marriage and the family has been lost, because the purpose of a woman was to collaborate, that is, become a helper in the dominion covenant, to become a helper in the expansion of god's kingdom in history.

God created the family not first of all for you to be happy, not first of all for you not to live alone.
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