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Preparing for Eternity
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What God says, if I can get you to see the eternal perspective the reward for the inconvenience is gonna be so much greater if you live this life with that life in mind.

Are you ready for eternity? We want you to be well prepared for the life that is to come. But the preparation must be done in advance. In any sport, in any major project, you prepare for what you want your outcome to be. That's why today, we want to talk to you about being prepared for eternity.

We're gonna look at Luke and see how the good Doctor Luke wanted to tell us how to be ready for forever right now, as we prepare for eternity as part of our series, "The Eternal Perspective." C'mon, join me. Let's get into God's Word. Let's dig it out and see what it has to say to you, me, us, for our eternal lives to come.

Jesus Christ speaks to why having a future perspective, an eternal perspective, is absolutely critical for your earthly life now. And one of the ways he would teach us about this is through a story that the Bible, the New Testament, the Gospels, call parables.

Parables are stories that the Lord crafted to teach a vital spiritual principle. So when God wanted to drive something home, he'd do a story. And the goal of the story was to zero in on the principle of the story. And so we are told in verse that the disciples thought that the kingdom was gonna come right then.

They had been waiting for the King and they thought, since Jesus was now here, the kingdom was going to come. But as you saw, the enemies did not want him to rule over them. He was rejected. And because he was rejected, that created a delay in the kingdom that God was to establish on earth through Jesus Christ.

So Jesus wanted to explain to his disciples, both then and now, both there and here, how they were to function during this interim period between the King leaving and the King returning.

During this time of rejection, he wanted to teach them how to live now in light of his return. Since he has not yet returned, we are in this period of time between his First Coming and his Second Coming, and so the story, the parable, applies to you and me.
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