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Removing the Barriers to Destiny
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Greetings, brothers and sisters in the name of Jesus Christ our King, I am so glad to have this opportunity once again to share the Word of the Lord with you. I'm talking about "Removing Barriers to Destiny."

Do you know that sometimes things just--they just get in the way. They lock you down and you can't figure out why you're stuck like this. You didn't get to where you are by one single incident in life.

A series of steps brought you to where you are and it's going to take a series of steps to bring you back and I call them destiny steps. As we go into the Word of God today, let's take the first step to removing barriers to destiny. Take a look.

Are you blocking love? This is the love chapter, giving it, receiving it, attaining it. Is there a barrier? Is there a reason people don't like you? Or is there a reason that you can't like them? What's the blockage? Could there be something that stops you from suffering long, enduring, seeking not your own? Is there something, a barrier?

Right in the middle of the dissertation about love, he says, "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, and I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things." I put away childish things. "I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child." Spake, understood, thought.

Hmm, spake, understood, thought. S-U-T, SUT, spake, understood, thought. S-U-T. Systems Under Test. This is how you test your systems. You test your systems through how you speak, how you understand, and how you think.

If your life is not reaching an expected end, do you have the courage to test your systems? Because your systems need to go under test. Is it the way you speak, the way you understand, or the way you think that is stopping you from becoming what God would have you be? It is not the way you look.

Look at how much time you spend on how you look. You work so hard on how you look and there are people who don't have the features you do who are much happier than you. You fine but you miserable. You got your eyebrows arched, but you're not happy. You have challenged the way God made your eyes, more than you have challenged the way you think. They look pretty but can they see?

I'm not preaching against pretty, I'm just trying to say, "Have you tested your systems?" Because I find that people are loyal to dysfunction. They will fight you to hold on to a system that's not working. "That's just the way I am. Speak for yourself, that's me." What if "me" isn't working?

How long will you hold on to a dysfunctional system and let life pass you by? The system that is killing you is how you speak, how you understand, and how you think. Now, we're getting into it.

The way you speak, the way you understand, and the way you think is your system. And your system is blocking the rain. "When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things."

Good God of mercy. I'm trying not to unload it too fast. What we're dealing with is an immature inner life. An immature inner life. Not outer life. The outer life is maturing but the inner life has not. Could it be possible--don't nod, don't move, 'cause you don't want nobody to know, that inside you're still a child?

Reacting to stimulus like a child, understanding your life like a child. A child--the reason that children go through trauma when they're young and people divorce, is that children think it's all their fault.

Are you blaming yourself for things that are not within your control? Do you understand like a child? Are you carrying weights and crosses that had nothing to do with you? That were completely out of your control? Are you being victimized by you? "I spake, I understood, I thought." SUT.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, and I thought as a child." That's all cool. You're supposed to. When you're immature, you're supposed to speak immature, understand immature, and think immature.

Here's the problem. The problem comes with the but. The but says, "When I became a man," okay? "I put away childish things." The but tells me that it is the fact that I became a man and then put away childish things, not I put away childish things and that made me a man. C'mon here.

Can you think with me? Oh, you've got to be my daughter if you got what I just said. Because most people think if I can put away the childish things, I'll be a man. He said, "I became a man and still had a childish system that had to be put away." Because what was appropriate as a system is now inappropriate because I have outgrown the way I speak, the way I understand, oh, God, help me, and the way I think.

I have outgrown the way I speak, the way I understand, and the way that I think. I'm too big to be bound by this system. I am bigger than the system. The system can't put me away; I must put it away. And so this is good, this is good. You all think this is good? I think this is good.

See, so, what I got down into is when I became a man, since the childish things were there for me to put them away, that means that I can be--I can develop to a point that all of a sudden, I am developed outwardly but not inwardly. Are you a man or a woman loyal to a system of a child? And are you waiting on the system to leave or would you put it away?

The put away in the childish things phrase is the same Greek word that is used in verse for done away, when it's talking about "we prophesy in part, we see in part, and all of that is done away," but the same Greek word is used here.

It carries the idea that cessation has not occurred but functionality is severely limited. It is not putting it away like destroying it but it does mean that I put it away to the point that its functionality is severely limited.

So the childish speech, the understanding, and the thinking is still existent but it is severely limited from operating in my life. Wait, wait. I'm gonna talk to you in a minute, but I wanna put this iPad away.

I put it away so I can talk to you. I put it away means I still know where it is. It still exists. But because it was restricting me from being able to reach you--grab your neighbor and shake 'em and wake 'em up and say, "You can put it away. You can put it away. You can put it away. You can put it away. You can put it away.

You can put it away before you lose this opportunity, you can put it away. Because if you don't change your system, you will lose the opportunity. What I'm trying to say, "If you don't put it away, it will put you away."

If you don't put it away, it will put you away. It'll put away promotions. It'll put away progress. It'll put away love. It'll put away life. No wonder Paul brings this up about love. If you don't change your system, it will put love, life, prosperity, it will all put it away.
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