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Stumbling Into the Place
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Everything that God ever blessed me with I just stumbled into it. I happened to be at the right place at the right time. Happened to meet the right person at the right time. Didn't even know who the person were but God has a way of just tripping you into stuff.

Oh my God, I feel the roof about to come off of this place. Somebody's about to stumble in this place. That's why the devil's been trying to kill you and destroy you because he knew.

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, our soon and coming King. I am Bishop T.D. Jakes and I'm delighted to welcome you to "The Potter's Touch." We have a word from the Lord for you today that, really, it's powerful and it's very important that you understand that many times in our lives it is not our plans that get us into our destiny.

Most of the time we stumble into the place that God wants us to be. The message today is called "Stumbling into Place."

When I look back over my own life, many times I didn't even know that meeting this person was gonna change my life. That going to Starbucks or something at the time that I did would cause me to have an encounter that would change the next 2, 10, 20 years of my life. Stumbling into place.

He saw and he's able to put your feet right where they need to be. But sometimes where he puts them is not where you planned them. Take a look at this and get ready to be blessed.
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