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Hey everybody, I'm so excited to have the opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with you, and the Word will work if you work it, that's why I want you to be a student of the Word, I want you to be a scholar of the Word, I want you to be somebody who ingests, digests, and appropriate the Word in your way so that we can see the fruit of God's Word in your life. And to that end, I'm gonna share this message with you today.

In 2 Peter, when Peter begins to talk, he reminds the reader of his book that he has been an eye witness to who Christ is, that he has been on the Mount of Transfiguration, that he was so inspired at this point that he wanted to build three tabernacles up on the mountain top to express who God was. That his own ears heard the Father speak, and say, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased. And he said, This is a sure word of prophecy.

But then, he goes on to say we have an even more sure word of prophecy then what we saw on the temple mount. He said we have within us a sure word that he says, and I wanna quote it just like he says it. He says, Of this voice which came, no, We have a more sure word of prophecy, whereunto ye do well that ye take heed. He said I want you to take heed to this like you would a light that shineth in a dark place, a light that shines in a dark place.

I was praying, and I said, Lord, this is the last Sunday before Christmas, and you know, I want you to give me a message, and I'd appreciate it if you gave me a Christmas message. Don't make me do like you do sometimes and have me preachin' about Easter on Christmas. You know, sometimes I get kinda bipolar, theologically.

But he said I want you to focus not so much on the birth of Christ, as splendorous and wondrous as it might be, not so much on the swaddling clothes, and the manger, and all the imagery and messages that are drawn from the understanding that the king of glory chose purposefully to be born in a barn, wrapped not in fine designer clothes, but in dirty milk rags he came into this world. And none of the milk rags, or the stench thereof, could stop the glory of his coming and his splendorous grace.

He understood who he was. He was not defined by what he wore. He was not defined by where he lived, he was defined by the inner treasure that possessed his soul, and he displayed his glory in a strange place. He said no, don't so much focus on those sorts of things, he said, I want you to focus on the magi, the wisemen, the whole process whereby they came to find the baby Jesus, because it is that guided principle that I want your congregation to understand, that I do not want them to be wanderers, I want them to be guided.

I don't want them to be seekers, I don't want them to just be looking, I don't want them to be clamoring, I want them to understand that they are guided. And when you have that guidance, it is a kind of guidance that is a sure anchor for your soul. If you will understand this, you did not get to where you are by yourself, that you have been guided all of your life.

When we hear Scriptures like, The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and he delighteth in his way, sometimes we hear them but we don't think them. You have to think those Scriptures and understand that your steps have been ordered, or ordained, by God, not just the good ones. You shout and say God ordered your steps when something wonderful happens, and you give God the praise for it, and when something bad happens, you say it came from Satan, but that is not true.

Satan cannot get you off step. The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, even if the good man is going through a bad place. Oh, you're not gonna talk to me this morning. He ordered your steps. Somebody say, He ordered my steps. Job said, The Lord knows the way that I take, and when he has tried me, I shall come forth.

At that point, Job was broke, and Job was down and out, his children were dead, and everything was going crazy. His property was besieged, his house was burned, and Job said God knows where I'm at. He knows my good times and my bad times, my uprisings and my downsetting. He knows my financial situation.

He knows what's going on in my house, and in my emotions, and in my heart. He knows the turbulence that's going on in my body, and with my children. He knows what's going on in my neighborhood and in my family. He knows how I feel in my flesh, and how I feel in my heart. He knows what's going on in my family and my situation. He knows what's happening on my job and in my career. He knows what's happening in my ministry and in my church.

God knows, and if he guided me into it, the same God will... whoo! Oh, my God, what a wonderful thing it is to be guided by the Lord, to understand that our coming in and our going out is determined by the Lord.

No wonder the Bible says I'm blessed in the city, blessed in the field, blessed in my rising, and blessed in my downsetting, blessed in my going in and blessed when I'm comin' out. What that means is, everything doesn't feel blessed, but I just call it blessed. I'm blessed when it's in, I'm blessed when it's out. I'm blessed in the city, I'm blessed in the field.

Paul said, I know how to abate, I know how to abound, I know how to have, I know how not to have, because I know that God is--oh, I don't mean to get excited, but when I think about how he guided my own life, I find myself getting emotional. I know that God will speak to you and tell you when to be still, and when to go forward, and when to hush your--hold your peace and wait on me, and trust me, and use a little patience, you're trying to rush me.

Be still, and know that I am God. Don't move to the left or the right, just...I don't know that somebody's worried, I feel it in my spirit. Not a map, ha, ha, not a navigational system, go down five blocks and turn left.

Not a drawing, all they had was a light. Not a big light, not a bright light, not a light big like the sun where you can see details, just a twinkling star against the blackness of night.

Painted on the canvas of total ebonized circumstances, there was one twinkling light. All hell may be breaking loose in your life, but if you still got one... one twinkling, twinkling, almost blinking, flashing, on again, off again, there it, there it is, and there it is, there it is, but I can see it well enough to take another step.

I can't see every rock, I can't see every pothole, I didn't see that turtle, I didn't know that opossum was--but I saw enough light to take another step. God leads his children through dark places, dark places so strong you would think that the darkness would destroy the light, but we have a light that the darkness cannot comprehend, ha, ha, ha.
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