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Resting In Jesus
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Rest is not inactivity. It's not rest from work, but rest in work. It's resting while you are working. This is what God wants. He has not created us to operate out of stress, He has not created us to operate out of worry, He has not created us to operate out of care. He's created us to operate out of rest.

Prosperity came as a result of His unmerited favor. Healing is a result of His unmerited favor. Power is a result of His unmerited favor. A lot of people try to define grace as power. Grace is not power, but power flows from grace. Are you hearing what I'm saying? When you operate in rest, that's the highest faith you can operate in.

Joy is not happiness. Joy will produce happiness, but joy is not happiness. Joy comes from what you know. In other words, if the doctor says you're sick, then you know that with His stripes you're healed, it's the finished works of Jesus Christ, "I can have joy." And if you'll stay joyful long enough, it'll make you happy. But joy doesn't come by comfort.

Joy comes by what you know. Time to know some things, amen? Don't ever look at Sabbath and refer to it as a day. That was just a shadow an illustration, if you will, of what it would be like when Jesus shows up.

Like God rested on the seventh day from all of His works because it was finished, you likewise rest in Jesus because it is finished. Whatever you consider the most, that's what you're gonna do. Whatever you focus on the most, that's what you're gonna empower yourself to do.
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